The Yellow Field & A Little British Patriotism

Sometimes I take photos that have absolutely no reason or meaning behind them. Sometimes I take photos on a whim and manage to snap a handful of shots within 5 minutes. Sometimes those photos are my favourite kind of photos. I love these ones of Daisy in the yellow field – something that’s slowly becoming a yearly tradition. This weekend saw us celebrate a royal wedding! The whole of England seemed to be in high spirits – with street parties, friendly faces and general support for this gorgeous couple getting married in the public eye. I’m not a very patriotic person, in face if I could move out of the country and never come back to England then I probably would. It’s my family and friends that keep me here! Oh and the fact that Andrew isn’t on board with my whirlwind idea! But something about this weekend left me feeling a little proud to be British. It’s funny because I can’t ever put my finger on why I don’t like England, but I always point it towards the people. But when it comes to events such as a Royal wedding, we all seem uplifted and proud, and I like that.

I’m a very anxious and awkward person. But something that always uplifts my spirits and brightens my day is a smile from a stranger. It may sound silly, but that friendly little ‘hello’ can settle my mood and make me feel at ease. Yesterday we went to my Grandad’s allotment for the first time (we’re watering his veg whilst he’s away) and 3 or 4 different strangers greeted ‘morning’ to me and Daisy.  That little act of kindness made me feel welcomed and set up my mood for the day. A little kindness goes a long way.

“No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart” 

In a world where so much goes wrong, it’s so important to just be kind. Smile at strangers, hold open doors, say please, say thank you, help someone struggling, give a compliment, give a hug, help a struggling mum. Think about compassion and kindness – we are all heading in the same direction after all. Just be kind.

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