What my working day looks like

I get asked what it is I do sometimes and I find it a complete mouthful. I usually end up saying ‘Photography and blog kinda stuff’ when in actual fact I do a lot more. I love being able to work at home and since leaving my previous job behind, I have never felt happier. I without a doubt LOVE my job. I have no boss.. I have no one talking down to me.. it is just me. I love it. The only downfall is trying to motivate myself to work when somedays I spend hours procrastinating. Every Thursday Daisy goes to her childminders – I use this day to focus on just solid work. I usually write out a little timetable the night before and then try my best to stick to it. So here is what my work day usually looks like.

9am – 10am – Emails and messages

I usually spend the first hour of my day replying to emails and Facebook messages that I’ve been putting off. I tend to start most emails with the line ‘sorry for the late reply’. I find I receive a lot of emails with this line too, so it makes me feel a little better! If I’m up to date on replying to all emails then I may send some reminder emails to clients/brands, chase a few invoices or maybe even pitch to a company.  Usually though, it’s just replying and chasing invoices.

10am – 11am – Photoshoot

I always try to have a photo shoot scheduled for a Thursday. I know it’s a time that I’m always going to be free and flexible. Sometimes it’s not always possible as shoots come and go like busses. There’s been times on a Thursdays where I’ve ended up with  about 5 shoots, then some where I’ve had none. It always just depends. If I have a shoot then I spend half hour of my emailing time to get prepared instead – I’m going to go into more detail about this at a later time.

11am – 12pm – Blog MOT

You’re probably thinking – what on earth is a blog MOT? – but it’s something  I do at least once a week. This is all the behind the scenes work that comes with running a blog. I spend this time working on my domain authority, cleaning up any broken links, creating Pinterest images and changing up my Instagram hashtags. I’ll also spend some of this time on my photography website – adding new images to a gallery and checking everything is up to date.

 12pm – 12.30pm – Lunch

I try to schedule myself in a lunch break. This way it feels more like a full day of work rather than just sitting on my laptop and doing work between  eating! This way I don’t become morbidly obese either haha. I tend to procrastinate from work by eating anything and everything in the house.

12.30pm – 1.30pm – Social media scheduling

I currently have two social media clients. There was a point where I had four (that was hard and took up way more than an hour!) I run the social media for a florist and a pregnancy scanning clinic. I also schedule a lot of my instagram posts so that takes up some time. I use this hour to find or create relevant content for each client and then schedule the next few days.

1.30pm – 2.00pm – Photo retouching

I like to edit images from a shoot almost straight away as I enjoy sending people a little sneak peek. So this half an hour will usually be spent editing images from earlier on in the day. If I haven’t had a shoot that day then I have another little break! I mean – why not?!

2.00pm – 3.00pm – Write up a blog post

It’s hard to keep the blog posts coming. Sometimes I go through writer’s block – I can go for weeks without knowing what on earth to talk/write about. Yet I try to write a post at least twice a week. On a Thursday I make this the day where I 100% HAVE to write something – even if it doesn’t make sense. At least if something is written up, it’ll usually be adaptable and useable.

What does your working day look like?

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