Wisteria at Hatfield House & Feeling inspired

This time of year is amazing for so many reasons. One of my favourite reasons – the gorgeous photo opportunities. You have the bluebells, blossom, wisteria, rapeseed, peonies and lavender. I mean, the array of colours are a photographer’s dream. I tend to hit a brick wall with getting the balance on my blog right. I love taking photos and I love writing. But I am a photographer first and foremost so sometimes I just want to post photos. Sometimes there’s not really much to say, so I’ll post these photos and they’ll do the talking themselves. That’s the good thing about photos! We went to Hatfield House to see the gorgeous Wisteria and wander around the little courtyard. It’s so easy to forget the beautiful places we have so close to our own home town. Today we made our way to the rapeseed field and managed to get some gorgeous photos there!

This time of the year always leaves me feeling inspired. Inspired to be more creative and try something new. I find myself motivated to get work done, to push myself out of my comfort zone, make new friends, see old friends. England is renowned for being gloomy and grey, another reason why I would love to live abroad for a year or so. I want to be somewhere that is sunny all the time, or at least most of the time. I’m bored of looking out my car window and seeing miserable faces amongst miserable clouds. That’s why it’s so lovely when the sun arrives. It’s almost like a little fresh start half way through the year.

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