Wimpole Estate National Trust

With our next trip abroad not being until February (a long time away for me!) we’re making the most of getting out and about a little further afield for a few day trips. I’m determined to make the most of our National Trust pass – yet for some reason every National Trust we visit my child turns into a little terror. Not wanting to walk. Not wanting to be nice. Isn’t it funny how they can sense when you really want them to be good, and so they’re not. I say it’s funny, yet it’s anything but. However we did manage to turn her mood with the promise of chocolate (major eye roll) and enjoy an afternoon out at Wimpole Estate. I’ve seen this beautiful Estate all over my friend’s (Amy)  Instagram so I had an idea of what to expect before visiting. It’s safe to say – it’s a beauty.

I think this is one of the most child friendly NT sites we’ve explored so far. Mostly because of its home farm situated next to a woodland adventure playground. We wandered through the walled garden and checked out their fun pumpkin display in the glasshouse. The garden grounds are beautiful to walk around and great for letting the family burn off some energy (Although not so much if your name is Daisy and you don’t like to walk!). Also if you’re an avid photo take like myself, then you’ll love this area for photos. I could have wandered around this part of Wimpole for a lot longer than we managed to with Daisy.

The home farm is great – I’m not sure if this is because I LOVE pigs and they have a piggery with so many different breeds. We caught sight of some beautiful piglets! It took all of my will power not to attempt to kidnap (pignap?) one and take it home with me. We also caught a rare glimpse into the reproduction of these funny farm animals – We told Daisy these two cheeky pigs where just giving each other a piggyback! You can find a lot more information about their home farm here. I believe it may be closed for the season now – but it’s worth visiting in the spring (especially for the lambing season!).

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