Where will we be in five years time?

Some of my personal favourite blog posts to read are those where I get an insight into people’s aspirations and career goals. I’ve seen this post floating around a bit and really fancied joining in.. so here I am! In 5 years time I’ll be 31 and that thought terrifies me. How on earth am I already in my 30s? I still feel as though I’m 20, but clearly I’m not. My life right now is a lot different to how I imaged it 5 years ago. It’s interesting how it’s almost impossible to plan your life as life always has it’s own plan for you. I would never have guessed I’d have Daisy. I’d never of thought I’d be blogging and photographing full time. So here’s my five year plan – how I see my life in five years time. I saw this post first on Donna’s blog ‘What The Red Head Said’. It’s actually a tag game, but I’m never going to be tagged so I’m just jumping in!


I can’t fully tell you where I see my career in five years time, mostly because I just don’t know. I’d like my photography business to be better established. I’d like to have doubled my current fees which average around £80 per family session and I’d like to be looking into having my own studio. I’d like to still have my blog and be making an income through writing. I’d love to be paid to travel more and work with a lot of travel brands on content creation. But I’d also like to have written for more travel magazines and be working on producing more videos! It’s a tough one but I think I’m working towards it in the right way.


I’d like to think that maybe in five years time we would be a family of four instead of a family of three. Who knows! We have no plans at the moment but I guess whatever happens happens. Daisy will be 8 (oh my goodness – how scary) and will be in full time school. We’d love to have Dollar live with us (he’s our dog that currently lives with Andrew at his parent’s house) and we’d love a house with a garden instead of a flat. I’d love to be married in five years time or at least engaged (cough, cough.. Andrew).


This is a hard one because at some point we’d like to live abroad for a year. Perhaps Switzerland or Copenhagen – we’re not sure yet – but it’s definitely something we’re aiming towards. But before/after our year abroad, I’d love to have a little house in a village of some sort. We love modern and so a new build would be amazing. We’d have a huge garden and we’d turn it into our own little haven. I’d be able to buy Andrew all the tools he needs from places such as Engelbert Strauss – they sell work and outdoor items which are great for Andrew as he does a lot of DIY in the garden. The work boots in particular would be ideal. As he loves to spend time in the garden, it may be worth thinking about buying him a 10×12 shed or maybe one of a different size, depending on how big our garden will be. Even if we can’t find one of a certain size, we can always hire a shed builder to help create us the perfect size! Either way, he would be able to keep all of his garden tools and his work boots in the garden where they belong. And it will allow me to have more storage space left in the house. It sounds like a great idea to me. Andrew would have his own little workspace outside whilst I’d have all my dream West Elm furniture – It would look beautiful in our open plan living room surrounding by succulents, vibrant rugs and beautiful prints. West Elm are amazing for pretty much anything interior related!


So at the moment we attempt to visit three new places each year. So in five years time we’d like to have visited at least 20 new places (eeeek! That’s a lot). I live to travel. If you follow my blog then you’ll know by now that it’s something I’m extremely passionate about – something that’s engraved into my veins. It’s who I am. A few of the places I’d like us to visit; Copenhagen, Tokyo, Bali, Switzerland, Dubai, New Delhi and Iceland. I had to add Iceland at the end because my friend recently came back from Reykjavik where she enjoyed some whale watching and found an Iceland car rental to tour some Icelandic roads in search of the aurora borealis, a little jealous…? Maybe.


As mentioned above, I’d like to at least double my photography fees! At the moment everybody comments on how cheap my rates are, and as much as I like keeping photoshoots reasonably priced, I have to make a living and I find that with each shoot I work harder to produce even better images. I’d like to be a bit more financially stable. At the moment my income is a little scattered throughout the months. I’m happy though because I’m doing a job I love!

Where do you see your life in five years time?

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    I love these sorts of blog posts too, I love hearing where people think or would like their life to take them in the future or their future goals. I really hope you achieve your dream of traveling, its something we’d love to do too and living in a village sounds so idyllic doesn’t it? X

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