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Where have I been? Apart from slacking on the blog front we’ve been in Rome (you may have seen my last post!) We had such an amazing time, what a beautiful city it is. Booking to go to Rome was a very last minute thing. Andrew told me he really wanted to go there and so I booked it – then and there. Literally without considering money or anything. Tut tut! It was fun though and I can’t wait for more spontaneous trips as our little family. I didn’t know what to expect from Rome. I knew roughly about the architecture, the vatican city and the food, but that was about it.  It wasn’t until we got there and headed out on our first day that I thought to myself ‘wow I can tell I’m going to love it here’. I hate London. I really, really hate it. and part of me was worried that Rome was going to be similar. But in my opinion, it definitely was far from similar to London.

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The weather was hot. I mean it rained twice but apart from that it was scorching. Almost to the point where sightseeing wasn’t as easy as we expected it to be. Everywhere you go people shove these blooming selfie sticks if your face asking you to buy one! The second the rain came out they would appear out of nowhere with rain macs. We made the silly mistake on the first day of thinking that we don’t need a map. But if you ever go to Rome then trust me, you NEED a map! We got considerably lost numerous amounts of time. But as soon as we got our map we knew what we was actually looking at and enjoyed the whole experience a lot more!

Above is Castle st. Angelo which as you can see is really quite something. We sat in a small park in the ground of the castle and let Daisy run around whilst we ate our typical italian lunch of pizza and gelato. You know when you have those moments where you think – ‘wow, I love my life right now, this is pretty perfect’? That was one of those moments. Everything seemed right and if the world stood still in that moment we would be forever happy. Swinging on the swings as our little family listening to the hustle and bustle of Rome happening behind us. Perfect!

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If you haven’t already heard of the Vatican City then you may have been living under a rock? No offence. It’s a country of it’s own in the city centre of Rome. It’s pretty much an ancient city and a lot of Roman Catholics live there including the Pope. Well the previous popes did. This one has decided to live around the corner somewhere, haha. It’s a really interesting see especially as it’s the home of The Sistine Chapel with the famous Michael Angelo painting. We got roped into a tour which was interesting but we kind of definitely over payed for it when really we would of been happy wandering around ourselves. Me and Andrew are too polite and find saying ‘no’ hard. So before we even had the chance to say anything we found ourselves with our tour group wandering around the Vatican City with our tour guide called Daisy ‘margarita’ (apparently that’s how you say Daisy in Italian! – haha)

The Colosseum and Palatine Hill was definitely a must see sight. It’s crazy to think that both are over 2,000 years old. I always stand there and watch everyone wandering around and find it completely impossible to fathom what it was like all those years ago. We saw the rubble of which was the first ever apartment blocks as we wandered around Palatine Hill and tried to imagine it as the little city village that it was back then. Daisy loved wandering around and being able to run wild – haha. The amount of people taking selfies is fun to see too. I remember years ago being nervous to take a picture of myself and feeling stupid. But now everyone just goes for it!

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Sorry in advanced for the amount of photos I’m about to post!

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We had the most amazing time. Not only was is one of the most beautiful cities I have seen, but they had the tastiest food ever. I was worried their pizza wouldn’t live up to that of my expectations but I definitely wasn’t let down! Ohhhhh what I’d do right now for a slice of pizza as good as the ones I had there. The gelato was amazing too and Italians are so friendly and lovely towards children. Well, they where to Daisy anyways! I plan to upload a blog post soon about keeping to a budget whilst in a city like Rome. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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