What I learnt from two days in Disneyland Paris

As a child we love Disney, but as an adult I feel we grow to love it even more. It’s almost as though we attempt to hold onto something from our childhood for just that little bit longer. The magic in each film, the story in each book. Like Peter Pan in neverland, why would we want to grow up? I’ve been to Disneyworld Florida three times, but never Disneyland Paris – so when the opportunity arose to spend a few days there during February half term, of course I jumped at the chance. After being advised to join a group on Facebook called ‘Disneyland for Brits’ I clicked away and felt pretty overwhelmed. I had no idea there was so much to plan during a stay at Disneyland. We usually book a holiday, research a bit about the place, plan a little and then relax. The group had lots of information on and is very handy but a little overwhelming. I wanted to put together a list of what you really need to know, and what you can just wing!

It’s a theme park, it’ll be busy

It doesn’t matter what time of year you go, it’s Disneyland Paris – it’s going to be busy. With most places crowds make it stressful, but with Disneyland you forget the crowds and enjoy the magic. Seeing Daisy’s little face light up when Belle called her a princess, or when she fell in love with the Peter Pan ride – it’s hard to notice anything else! The best tips for coping with the busy vibe of Disneyland is to take valuables on rides if you can, make a place to meet incase you happen to loose who you are with and make the most of the the rest of the park whilst the parade and fireworks are on.

If you have the money – go to Florida

If you have the money, go to Florida. Disneyland is great, but it’s nothing compared to Disneyworld. The money you spend on two Disneyland trips could quite easily take you to Florida for 10 days. It’s good to get your head around the fact that Disneyland can be expensive, but, it’s also important to realise that you can actually do the whole thing completely on a budget without losing any value to the actual trip. We made sure we had a cheap breakfast followed by a larger lunch and a small dinner – this helped us save money on food. The gift shops are amazing and I can almost guaranteed that after popping in for a little nose about, you will end up wanting to buy lots. (We did anyways!). Obviously this is another way you can plan your trip with a little less budget, but we loved purchasing a few goodies from the shop!

Comfortable shoes and a buggy – you’re going to walk a lot

I presumed there would be a lot of walking, and sure enough there was. I saw several people in heels and I couldn’t help but wince for them. Taking comfortable shoes is an absolute must. You don’t want to be worrying about blisters and aching feet… especially if you only have two days. We also took a buggy for Daisy, even though she is 5. We knew that she wouldn’t be able to manage so much walking and it was handy to have when she needed to sit down during the fireworks. It also helped save Andrew’s shoulders when he couldn’t carry her anymore during the parade! I had bought some walking shoes to take but completely forgot them and ended up wearing my converse (not quite as comfortable, but definitely did the job).

Most of all – relax and have fun

It’s easy to get caught up in what you need to be doing, or where you feel you should be. The main thing is to just enjoy yourself! When we went to Rome we didn’t feel we had done everything we wanted to do, we didn’t threat about it. We just made sure we went back a few years later! The same goes for most places and especially Disneyland Paris. If you don’t happen to do everything you want to do, just don’t worry about it. If you fall in love with Disneyland (which I’m sure you will!) then you’ll be back again in no time.

I’m going to have several posts coming up on Disneyland! Including a post on Walt Disney studios Park, Disneyland Park and 5 things not to miss. In the meantime, here are just some of the many many photos I took during our stay at Disneyland. We were very kindly gifted the pass tickets by Disney – all words and opinions are completely honest. In the meantime head on over to our lovely friend’s blog where she has so many amazing tips on planning your first trip to Disneyland Paris.

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