Villa Borghese Gardens, Rome

So, somehow – goodness knows how – we managed to miss Villa Borghese Gardens the last time we ventured to Rome. It wasn’t until our wonderful B&B host spoke about it that we decided to visit – and we’re so pleased we did. It was a highlight of our holiday. It’s no secret that we love a city break (even though I’m a country girl at heart – I’m not sure how that works) – we love the hustle and bustle of a traditional european city. But sometimes it’s nice to have a little break in-between, and that’s what Villa Borghese was for us. We could escape the busy cobbled streets and roam around these gardens with a little more space to breathe. It’s situated above the Spanish steps and is easily accessible from several places (though you do need to climb quite high up so be prepared for plenty of steps/slopes!) It’s well worth it as soon as you come across the beautiful view of the cityscape. There’s something about being high up that I find comfort in. Being able to look down on life unfolding whilst you’re comfortable and quiet. Heights ease my anxiety – which is pretty strange, I know.

The park is sprinkled with fountains and tree cathedrals – somewhere that looks pretty all year round. We had no idea how big the gardens were until we hired a bike and pedalled our way around. There are several play parks for children along with a merry-go-round and a few arcade games. What we loved the most though – and a huge highlight of our holiday – happened to be the bikes. We hired one (as you can see below) for just 12 euros an hour, which is plenty enough time to have a good ride around the gardens and see the beautiful view points – the bike is also great for hot weather or rain because it has a little roof to keep you sheltered. If you’re short (like me – 5ft) then you’ll struggle to reach the pedals so unfortunately (for Andrew) I couldn’t help pedal.

If you ever find yourself wandering the cobbled streets of Rome then definitely add Villa Borghese Gardens to your list of things to do – you won’t be disappointed. It’s a way to feel more like a local and experience Rome how the Italians do – grab yourself a croissant and a coffee for the trip up there and have a lovely stroll around. There’s also a couple of cafes and restaurants along with some food trucks. The food trucks are a little on the pricey side so definitely bring your own food and drink if you can. Along with everything else within the gardens you can find cinema dei piccoli, Globe theatre, Villa Borghese gallery and the museum of modern art.  Here’s a great website if you want to check out more information.

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