A valentines day Wishlist for the travel obsessed

Whenever I consider a romantic break, the first place I think of is Paris. The city of romance. But when I delve a little deeper, I think of so many other culturally romantic cities in which I place rather high up on the bucket list. I think of Verona, Venice, Vienna. I think of Florence, Amsterdam and Budapest. Each city is romantic in it’s own sense of the word. The hustle and bustle amongst the slow moving pace of everyday people living their everyday lives. Whenever Andrew asks me what I’d like for Christmas, birthdays, valentines days etc. I always say the same thing – let’s go on holiday! Obviously it’s always a little out of our price range, but there are several other thoughtful gifts that would put a smile on any travel obsessed individual! Here are some of my personal favourites.

World map

I love a map as much as the next wanderer. I have a lovely little globe (which I bought myself) in a pastel blue and orange colour. I also have a little scratch map too – whenever we visit somewhere we can scratch that place off. It’s therapeutically pleasing to see the place we’ve been and the places we will go. A personalised world map such as this one would make a lovely Valentines day gift.  Personalise it with the date and place that you met your loved one, pop it in a frame and wrap it with a big red bow – TADA.

Matching luggage tags

What is cuter than having matching luggage tags? Okay so probably a lot. Puppies, babies, baby pandas. BUT that being said, luggage tags are super cute if you’re into the whole matchy-matchy hype. (I totally am). Have a little browse on Not On The Hughstreet and you’re bound to find plenty of varieties. Not that many people tend to look at your luggage tags, do they? But they’re still there, looking cute and with sentimental value. Okay I’m sold, I really want some matching luggage tags now! You can also do the same with matching passport covers. Just ignore the fact you have to take your passport out of it’s holder when passing through customs. IT LOOKS CUTE.

Personalised adventure piggy bank

Something as little and cute as this suitcase piggy bank, makes the best gift for someone with the travel bug. It may be for novelty, it may be for sentimental value, or it may actually help you save for your next adventure. Either way – this little adventure fund is a sweet and original gift. There are plenty of other options when browsing the internet – a simple google search will bring up plenty of varieties.

St Christopher jewellery

I’m not very religious. In fact I’m not religious at all. That being said, I wear a necklace (kindly gifted from my sister-in-law) with a picture/engraving of St Christopher  – the patron saint of travellers whenever we go away. I love the meaning behind it – it is meant to protect you along your travels and ‘lead you to your destiny’. Although I love traveling, I still get anxious and so something like this really helps me – as silly as that could sound.

Weekend bag

The perfect gift for any weekend jet setter. I bought myself a weekend bag when we went away last year and I absolutely love it. We tend to only travel with hand luggage nowadays, it tends to work out easier for us and encourages us to travel light and not buy tons whilst away. A weekend bag is a great gift for any travel obsessed individual. A new suitcase would also make a fab gift – it may sound a little boring for someone that doesn’t travel much, but for those that do – it’s a big deal!

A travel journal 

I tend to write all my travels down, but I do so on my laptop. For someone that doesn’t use their laptop much, a travel journal is the perfect gift. Record moments, memories, funny stories and every day activities that may gradually fade as time goes on. That’s one thing I LOVE about having this blog – I write down all our travel memories and it’s with me forever. It’s also there for Daisy to read when she grows older!

If you have any other suggestions – pop them in a comment below!

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