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Twenty seventeen. What can I say? It’s been a good one! The year started with me quitting my day job which was the best decision I’ve ever made. Sometimes I sit at home working and can’t help but feel guilty – is this really work? But it is. I’ll sit up past 1am most nights, just to make sure I’m putting in as much as I’m getting out. My fingers ache by the end of each day because I’ve spent so long replying to emails, writing, researching, taking photos, editing etc. But this year I put in 110% effort and it paid off because this is my job. Dear Little Daisy is my business and I’m so happy with the direction it’s going! I wanted to recap on our travels this year because I feel it’s been a good one. Travel is my biggest passion, along with photography, and this year has enabled me to go on all expenses paid work trips with my family – I am one lucky and grateful girl.

Eastbourne, UK Feb 2017

This was our first little break of the year. I’d quit my job a month earlier and was a little uncertain as to how the year would go. Part of me felt as though perhaps I’d made a mistake. We worked with Visit Eastbourne for this trip – they helped arrange an itinerary and provided us with accommodation. We wrote two posts: 5 things to do in Eastbourne with children and that time I fell in love with the beach in winter. We will 100% be having another winter beach break – I have never felt the cold as much as I did during that evening on the beach, but it’s such a beautiful memory and one that I won’t forget.

Turkey – May 2017

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been to Turkey now. This same place, we used to go back to year after year with my parents and siblings.  It definitely feels like a second home and to be able to take Andrew and Daisy there along with the rest of my family, was absolutely amazing – definitely one of my favourite holidays for sentimental reasons. I wrote about our week in turkey and why you should visit if you haven’t before. I know a lot of people that have mentioned they’re a little hesitant to travel to Turkey, but it really is a beautiful country and somewhere you really need to see.

Sardinia – July 2017

Earlier on in the year It was announced that I’d been chosen as a brand ambassador for Mark Warner. Life. Made. I literally couldn’t believe it. We got sent on an all expenses paid holiday to Sardinia – a little island near Italy. This holiday was one of my favourite holidays ever. Daisy attending kids club every morning and got to do fun sports activities whilst me and Andrew had time to be ourselves. We went canoeing! I can’t swim and am terrified of anything like that, but I pushed myself and I did it!! We had fun playing tennis, sunbathing, spying on Daisy in kids club, enjoying delicious food and just genuinely having an AMAZING time. Not to mention how clear the water is in Sardinia! I wrote two blog posts for this – Part one and part two.

Wiltshire – July 2017 

This was a brand collaboration – we got to visit Wiltshire and had a lovely little itinerary planned for us. We had only been back from Sardinia for two days before driving 3 hours away to Wiltshire so we all felt a little tired and exhausted. That being said, we had a lovely time. We stayed in a gorgeous cottage in the middle of the countryside, we’d wake up in the morning and go see the farmyard pet pigs, we’d then have a nice cup of coffee and a slow morning before heading out to explore. I wrote a post here.

Wales – August 2017

This was another brand collaboration and one we’re so pleased we got to work on. We visited Swansea Bay in Wales and what a gorgeous place it is. We had an amazing time, ate some incredible food and visited one of the most beautiful beaches in the UK. We wrote a post on how to spend three days in Swansea and a post about Rhossili Beach. I would really love to head back here one day during the winter months. There’s nothing better than a beach in winter! (followed by a nice warm hot chocolate obviously, right?!)

Lisbon – October 2017

We ended our year of travel in Lisbon.. and what a place to end! I’ve had Lisbon on the bucket list for a while and towards the end of summer I had an impulsive moment and so decided to book it. I’m so glad I did. We had an amazing time just wandering around beautiful cobbled streets, filling up on pastries, swimming, drinking lots of coffee and shopping. Autumn in Lisbon is stunning and if you ever want to visit then October is definitely the time to do so. We wrote a post on how to spend four days in Lisbon and another post all about Hello Kristof  – a gorgeous little coffee shop.


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