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As you can now see, Daisy has really mastered the art of walking. She may of been a late walker but she’s making up for it now! She absolutely hates being in the buggy. She’ll kick and scream until (sometimes) we just have to give in and let her walk beside us holding our hands. This isn’t always the easiest of tasks, especially when I’m on my own. When we booked to visit Rome I was a little worried about how Daisy would be. I knew there would be a lot of sightseeing and that she’d perhaps get a little bored in the buggy and want to get out and explore. Obviously with Rome being a busy city it’s not the most ideal and safe place for a toddler to run around. Luckily we were sent the Trunki ToddlePak to review just in time for our trip! Phew!

What is the Trunki ToddlePak? The ToddlePak is this gorgeous little harness/reins for ages 6 – 48 months. They are completely multifunctional and perfect for when babies starts to walk and fit extremely easily from the front. The unique clip allows parents to easily adjust the shoulder and waist straps simultaneously for a comfortable, secure fit. Not only this but they just simply look pretty darn adorable, right?! We had trouble deciding over what colour we liked best but opted for purple in the end.  They have such a wide variety of colours, it’s definitely a tough choice.

IMG_5415 IMG_5189 IMG_5194

We happened to be completely spot on – Daisy definitely did not want to be in the buggy. She wanted to be out and about exploring Rome like me and Andrew were. The streets of Rome are busy and the roads are crazy, especially compared to the roads here in England. It seems as though in Rome they just have no rules! It’s a little scary and so we found that using our Trunki ToddlePak really helped keep Daisy safe and in close proximity of one of us at all times. The walking also tired her out so she’d nap lots too – bonus! We used them a lot especially around the Colosseum (pictured above) as it seemed to be particularly busy there. When visiting Castle Saint Angelo we happened to be pleasantly surprised with the lovely grassy area it surrounds. There was a cute little park and lots of trees and benches for Daisy to run around. We used the ToddlePak a lot around this area too!

IMG_5339 IMG_5338

Trunki ToddlePak was so easy to use. It was simple and quick to fit, nice to hold and Daisy seemed comfortable in it too. For £17.99 you definitely can’t go wrong- especially when they come in so many cute colours too. We couldn’t recommend the ToddlePak enough! Thank you, Trunki.

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