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I can’t stress enough how important it is sometimes to use appropriate luggage and products whilst travelling. We were gifted some luggage from LittleLife, and so I felt it appropriate to write a little about two of our new favourite go-to travel products.  We tested them out on our most recent trip to Prague. We tend to only take hand luggage whilst travelling and so these two items worked incredibly well for us.

Unicorn backpack

Give us anything with a unicorn on and we’re going to rate it highly. But when this turned up with the postman I knew instantly that Daisy would fall in love with it. I mean – how adorable? We always tend to take a little backpack out with us full of toys so that when we’re attempting to eat lunch or have a coffee, Daisy isn’t completely bored. I try to take toys rather than the iPad because 1) we don’t want it lost/stolen and 2) I much rather she uses her imagination! (Not all the time, haha. The iPad is a bit of a lifesaver!). The unicorn backpack comes with reins, which we most definitely won’t be using with Daisy as she’s far too old for reins now. But very handy for younger children.  It also has an adjustable chest strap which is handy for making sure it doesn’t fall off. But what sells this bag to us the most? It might be a little shallow, but it’s definitely the fact it’s a unicorn.

You can purchase the LittleLife Unicorn backpack here for the RRP of £19.99

Ladybird suitcase

We’ve been using another brand of suitcase for Daisy, but after coming across LittleLife and their kids suitcases, I really wanted to evoke a little more independence for Daisy whilst at the airport. There’s nothing my child loves more than feeling grown up and so I knew she was going to love this! We opted for the ladybird suitcase and what a great choice that was – Daisy most definitely approved. It has a two-stage telescopic handle, perfect for when little ones grow. It pulls along really easily and Daisy had no struggle at the airport whilst feeling (in her own words) ‘like a grown up’.  It has a separate little compartment inside for all the little bits and pieces  – we put all Daisy’s wash items in there. The best thing about this case though? It holds a lot!

You can purchase the LittleLife Ladybird suitcase here for the RRP of £49.99

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