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I am always on the lookout for new ‘gadgets’ and handy items to take away with us. Travel can be a little uncomfortable at times, and so wherever we can make it just that little bit more enjoyable, then we will. We recently worked with Go Travel to test out some products as we ventured to Prague. I wanted to show you exactly what we tested and give you our honest verdict. Go Travel sells travel related items such as travel bags, security accessories, electrical  and health products. What I love about Go Travel is the fact they have a whole selection for children – we asked Daisy what would make flying more comfortable for her – she decided to pick some headphones and a travel/neck pillow.  Good choice, Daisy!

Glo travel wallet 

There’s nothing I love more than being organised, especially when it comes to traveling. I tend to plan our trips well in advance whilst creating list after list after list. This travel wallet is bright, and I think that’s what I love most about it, along with the cute quote on the front; ‘The sky is the limit’. I love that this wallet can hold all your important documents in one place – tickets, passports, money, bank cards. Pretty much anything you may need whilst traveling, will fit into this wallet. It’s also incredibly easy to find in your bag due to the bright colours! I’ve had several travel wallets in the past, but this one (with it’s five compartments) is definitely my favourite of them all!

Mobile power bank 4000

Can you believe that I have never owned a power bank? I’m not sure I can manage without it anymore. I’m not sure how this compares to other power banks as I haven’t had one in the past, but I can assure you I probably won’t be buying a different one any time soon! This power bank automatically recognises connected devices and adjusts power output for the quickest charge time, and I find that it charges incredibly fast. My phone was fully charged within less than an hour and a half. It also has an LED power detection feature, so you can easily identify how much charge is left. Not only this, but it’s easy to spot in your bag with it’s bright colour, and it’s incredibly lightweight!

Child safe headphones

One thing I worry about Daisy wearing headphones is how she tends to turn the volume right up. No matter how many times I turn it back down, she’ll turn it all the way back up again. So we decided not to give her any form of headphones when traveling, or at home. The thing I love about these specific headphones from Go Travel, is how the volume will never turn up too loud as it has limited volume protection. There’s one safe single audio cable, to avoid any tangling and a very handy adjustable headband. These are comfortable and light weight, perfect for children 3 years and up.

Travel pillow

This handy children’s travel pillow is suitable from ages 6 months plus. It’s super soft and fleecy, whilst supporting little one’s head and neck. I think it was the design that led Daisy to pick this one – it’s fun and it’s pink… the perfect combination. We will now take this whenever we fly, as not only is it helpful whilst in the air, it’s also really great to use whilst making long car journeys. Daisy’s head tends to flop about whilst she sleeps in the car, so this is perfect to ensure her head doesn’t bop about too much! There are several designs in these travel pillows, you can find a pink and blue one on their website, along with some slightly different animal designs!

*Please note that these products were gifted to us in exchange for an honest review*

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  • Paul Mills says:

    I travel very often. We all know how hard is to travel for hours especially if you are uncomfortable. You can’t sleep, you are worried about your personal stuff etc. These two were my biggest problems. Especially sleeping problem. But, with the travel pillow, you can sleep like you are home. When I bought travel wallet, I was carefree.
    Anyone else with this problem?

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