Does my toddler talk too much?

Does my toddler talk too much?!

“She shouldn’t be talking that much at two years old!” It wasn’t said in a nasty way, in fact it was stated to me in the form of a compliment. After going to Daisy’s cousin’s birthday party I started to ask myself that very question; does my toddler talk too much? I mean, she’s two and a half and she literally doesn’t stop talking. She says words that I feel like a two year old shouldn’t even know. Let alone using them in the right context. It kind of scares me as to what the future holds. I’m pretty sure she’s going to end up outsmarting me in any argument later down the line. I’m kind of excited and intrigued as to what our future relationship holds, haha.

The chat

She’ll explain that ‘mummy, it’s very important that you carry me because crocodiles will eat my toes’. If she treads in water she’ll state that she is ‘soaking wet through’. If she finds something interesting she will literally tell my ‘mummy that’s interesting’. From the second she wakes up until the second she falls asleep, she’ll talk. Sometimes I feel bad as I have to tune out – I listen – but I can’t physically listen 100% 24/7. I love that she talks so much, and I love that she can put the right words into the right context and hold a full blown conversation, but oh my is it tiring. In fact, it’s exhausting.

The Listening

I find it’s so important to make sure Daisy understands that I am listening. She will tell me a story about the dinosaurs and how they need to go into the little house because their mummy is going shopping to buy them cabbages and fudge cake (a literal story from my two year old). I will listen and I try to make her aware that whilst I may be cooking dinner, I’m still listening. It’s difficult when you try to do anything other than talk and listen to your funny little toddler child, but it’s important to try your best to explain to them that you have another things to do and that you’ll sit down soon to have a good ol’ chat.

Take a break

Toddler talk is hard work. You have to imagine yourselves in their head, listen intently to try and figure out what they’re saying and where their story is heading. You have to really give them your full undivided attention. It’s only natural that you will need a break! Take some time out for yourself, perhaps give your child the i-pad and hope that they have a little quiet time so you can enjoy some peace. Put the kettle on, make a cuppa and put your feet up. I’m not sure there is such a thing as a toddler that talks too much.

Toddler talk is fun. It’s hard work but I’m pretty sure it’s normal! For now, I’m going to embrace every conversation as it comes.

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  • International Elf Service says:

    Oh she’s absolutely gorgeous!! My eldest (a girl) is SO chatty and always has been. Sometimes I have to beg for five minutes peace. When she was very small, her voice was quite shrill and a friend used to say she sounded like a nightingale! It’s so lovely to be around that kind of energy, curiosity and interest and I’m sure it will take your and my girls far!

  • says:

    I love the journey that children make as they learn to communicate, it’s fascinating and wonderful!
    Thanks for joining in with #TuesdayTreasures

  • Jessica says:

    Girl! I can relate. I have 3 kids and my first two were/are very big talkers. The good thing is that while talking and asking questions they stretch their little brains and learn a lot. Sometimes I tell my husband it feels as if my ears are bleeding from all the noise and chatter. Ha Ha I guess we just need to embrace and enjoy.

  • says:

    Aww what a clever sausage! Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x

  • says:

    I do not think it’s a bad thing!
    I’m forever being told how ‘advanced’ my 2yo is, and how ‘amazing’ her vocabulary is, but in my mind it’s because she’s listening and learning and her way to do that is to then use it!
    I think it’s fabulous but I don’t judge those who’s children aren’t the same.
    Each child is different, but I am glad it’s not just me that has an incessant chatterbox! Haha!
    [Linked up via Honest Mum’s #BrilliantBlogPosts]

  • jeremy@thirstydaddy says:

    I’m pretty sure once mine started talking she didn’t stop for the next three years except to sleep and eat, and there were times she was talking then also

  • says:

    Lily is exactly the same; it’s brilliant at least you know what she wants 🙂 We do quiet time too I put cushions on her bedroom floor and she has her books she sits and tells stories to her teddies! Thank you for linking up to #HMcapturingmoments x

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