A tidy home with Minene storage

I won’t lie. I’m a little bit of a clean freak. I hate when my apartment is messy. It ‘leaves me feeling on edge, anxious and unable to relax. It’s not always possible to have a tidy space when you have a toddler running around creating mess as you clean. I’ve worked hard to shape my home into a place I love to relax in. If you are anything like me then you will hate the sight of toys laying around. I try to store away all of Daisy’s toys in an easily accessibly place, yet hidden away discreetly. As I do a lot of work from home, I feel like I need a clean and tidy space to be able to work efficiently. Don’t get me wrong – a lot of the time I have toys dotted around everywhere.. I let Daisy get out anything she wants during the day then we have a quick tidy up before lunchtime, then again before bedtime. Then once Daisy is asleep I get to sit back and relax/work in a clean and tidy space.

Keeping a tidy space with a toddler

Using Ikea Kallax

Not only do these look nice but they are so incredibly handy. We have one in the living room and then one again in Daisy’s room. We fill them to the brim with toys, push the draws in and then no-one is to ever know! I have to go through each box several times a month though as sometimes when I’m feeling particularly lazy I just shove everything and anything in there. To the point where I end up finding all the missing puzzle pieces along with kinder egg shells and a chip from dinner the day before. Ahh, the life of a parent.  These are also very cheap and retail at about £20 from Ikea. Perfect.

The beautiful Minene toy storage

We have recently been sent a set of two storage baskets from Minene and absolutely love them. We’d had our eye on this style for a while and so couldn’t wait to pop them up into Daisy’s room. We have a large one and a small one and they fit SO much in, it’s unreal. The good thing about these is not only do they fit so much in, but it’s easy to move them around. We’ll quite often grab the larger basket and bring it into the living room for Daisy to play with whilst we do housework. The larger basket is also perfect for larger items such as bedding, blankets, clothing and large toys. We keep the smaller one on top of her chest of drawers with all her little plastic toy animals in. These two came in a set and the RRP is just £38. We love them!

Scheduling tidy up times

We tend to have designated tidy up times – as silly as that may sound! We find that I’ll do a quick tidy up in the morning after having a nice cup of tea and whilst Daisy eats breakfast. She’ll then make all the mess she possibly can. We’ll do a little bit of tidying before lunch, then again after nap time. Once nap time has been and gone (it’s always pretty quick nowadays!) the place will get really messy. I don’t see the point in tidying up again until bed time. For every one toy  I put away, Daisy will get out five.

Turn it into a game

We find that with the Minene storage baskets it’s really easy to turn tidying up into a game. We place the large basket in the middle of the room and encourage daisy to drop everything in there as quick as she can. We help her and then within no time the flat is clean again! Although it never lasts long,  I really find that just keeping on top of things if you have a spare five minutes really helps.

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  • Sarah Howe @runjumpscrap says:

    Ah these are gorgeous! I need something for my newborn’s toys and these would really work. I’m like you – a messy house drives me mad! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

  • www.speechbaby.net says:

    Love the storage baskets! I cannot get enough of baskets to help manage the many, many toys that come with having a baby. Baskets make clean up easy too!

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