Three perfect gifts for fathers day

1 | Perfect gift for him – Smartbox by Buyagift

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I absolutely love this Smartbox for fathers day. I always say that an experience is so much better than anything you can purchase and Andrew has that same mindset. So for me, this is the ideal gift for him from Daisy. It comes in a lovely little gift box with a booklet explaining the types of experiences you can purchase. There’s a wide range of options to pick from, there’s something for the car lover, something for the adrenaline junkie and something for those that have a more relaxed approach. The receiver simply logs online and can pick from whatever they’d like to do! It’s something a little different and something they’ll hopefully remember for a lifetime. Another thing I love about this gift box is that there are a lot of activities I’ve never seen advertised before. For example; Ice climbing, Segway rally, scuba diving and a helicopter flight. There’s such a range that you’re bound to find something in there to suit your dad’s personal preferences! You can purchase a smartbox from

“Smart box is a spectacular selection of over 1000 Tasty Treat, Driving Blast and Adrenaline Adventure experience days. From gourmet cuisine at top restaurants, to bungee jumping from phenomenal heights, to grooming treatments to have him looking and feeling at his best, he is sure to find something suitable at one of the hundreds of available venues across the UK! Regardless of whether he’s a speed-freak, adrenaline-junkie, food or wine connoisseur or simply loves to enjoy a little pampering, you’re sure to find the perfect gift that’s perfect for any occasion.”

2 | The Jamie from Bloom & Wild

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I absolutely love Bloom & Wild. They have such beautiful bouquets and now they have ‘The Jamie’. The perfect #letterboxflowers to send to your dad for fathers day. The Jamie is something a little different to the usual fathers day gifts, it’s something with a bit more edge and definitely something they would not have expected!

“Being green just got easy thanks to our brand new letterbox succulent. Presented in a sturdy yet sleek tray on a bed of long lasting reindeer moss, this trio will make a stylish addition to any desk, shelf or windowsill. Each box comes with easy to follow care instructions from our experts and a refillable hydration mist to keep these succulents in tip top condition, making this the perfect gift for even those not-so green-fingered dads this Father’s Day.”

3 | Boomf Marshmallows 


Boomf are a great idea for fathers day. They provide a service in which you may have seen on TV before – you can customise your own marshmallows with pictures and cute graphics then have them sent to you in a cute little box to either keep for yourself or send directly to someone else. They are ideal for fathers day as who doesn’t love a good marshmallow?! They are easy to create – simply log onto their website, upload photos from your instagram/computer/phone (or even use some photos from their gallery) then follow the steps to add them into your marshmallow box and hey presto! They also offer cake pops and bunting.

“Boomf aims to give you gifting super powers. We believe real people – your friends and family – should be the stars and heroes of your life. Whether those loved ones are sitting across the room or across the planet, Boomf can help you congratulate, console, amuse or amaze.Whatever you want to say, say it with Boomf”

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    Hi there, Happy New Year!

    Great to see another fan of flowers.
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