All things travel | May roundup

You might have seen my last travel round up, but if not you can check it out here. I basically have started writing a little roundup each month where I talk about all things travel. Things that have caught my eye or happened throughout the month, where we’ve been, where we are going. Etc etc etc. These photos are pretty unrelated but I needed to include them in a post somewhere, so it seems they’ve ended up here! We went for a little bike ride with Daisy earlier on in the week. She quite often complains about walking, so we’re never sure how she’s going to be on her bike. But she rode it so far! It’s safe to say she slept well that evening.

Product: Adobe premier Pro for travel videos

So I have finally invested in some good video editing software! I’ve been using iMovie for years now, but I wanted something that I could really get creative with. I bought Adobe Premier Pro and have been watching Youtube tutorials – I’m slowly starting to come to grips with it. It looks a little confusing when you first open it, but I know that if I keep at it I will *hopefully* end up getting the results I’m hoping for. I have lots of travel videos planned! Did you know that if you can’t afford to pay upfront in full for Adobe products then you can pay monthly? It’s definitely worth looking into. I always put off purchasing Adobe products purely for the price. But now I pay monthly and it works out really well and affordable!

Visit: Uk days out

We can’t afford to travel every month, but we do make sure we have lots of fun days out in-between jetting away. This month we headed to Myddleton House Gardens which was lovely. We love exploring new gardens and seeing what is around us. It’s so easy to look straight past what is already so local. We’re loving the idea of exploring more locally this year and can’t wait until our next UK staycation to Cornwall in July.

Read: Little fires everywhere

So as I write this post, it’s 9pm and I’m eager to finish up and head to bed just so I can read this book! It has had me hooked right from the first chapter. It’s definitely a great holiday read – not too heavy. Just a nice, light read. After this I’m going to read a book called I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson.

Travel with kids hack: Pack one outfit per day & take a tube of travel wash

I love finding little hacks from traveling with children. Quite a basic hack is to make sure you pack one outfit per day and then two spares. It’s so easy to overpack for little ones because their clothes fold up so small – at the end of packing it doesn’t feel like they ever have enough. But they definitely do! Worst comes to worst – you just buy a few more outfits whilst out there. We also take a tube of Travel Wash just incase we want to attempt to was something before we get home! I also make sure I pack a carrier bag so that we can keep the dirty washing separate throughout the holiday. That way it doesn’t have to be spread out here there and everywhere!

Website: Travel republic

My favourite website this week is Travel Republic. This is another website where you can pay a deposit of £150 and find some amazing deals. I love the variety of Travel republic and how easy it is to find what you are looking for. We’ve booked 3 – 4 holidays through them and without a doubt they are up there with my top travel sites to book through!

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