All things travel | April roundup

I’ve decided to create a little travel round up post. Once a month I’m going to talk about (as the title suggests) all things travel. The products we’ve used throughout the month, the bargains we’ve found and anything exciting we’ve read/seen. I want to make it as useful as possible so that anyone about to go on their travels may find this post helpful in some way. We are constantly trying out new travel hacks and products – attempting to make our journeys more enjoyable and comfortable. It goes without saying that traveling with children can be stressful, anyone that says it’s not is clearly sugar coating. Kids are kids – they will have tantrums and meltdowns wherever they are, be it home or not.

Product : Go Pro accessories kit

We love to video and take photos whilst away (as you have probably noticed), so we are constantly on the look out for things that may help us produce creative content. We love our Go Pro and something we tend to use a lot recently is our accessories kit. This kit comes in a handy little case and has SO many adjustments that you can add onto the Go Pro. These are so fun if you want to be creative and attach the camera to your head, on a long monopod, to a car, your hand, and so on. You can get creative with this little kit and really document your travels in a unique way. We plan to put ours to good use when we head to Marrakech next month! Here’s one similar to the one we have.

Visit : Tallinn, Estonia

So we are going to be publishing a few blog posts and videos very soon which will be all about our recent trip to Estonia. It’s funny because when you are obsessed with traveling (like me!), you tend to stumble across unheard of places online that suddenly draw you in and make their way onto your bucket list. That was Tallinn for me. So when Visit Estonia got in touch about collaborating, of course I jumped at the opportunity. Sometimes I worry when visiting bucket list destinations – what if they don’t live up to my expectation? Well! It’s safe to say, Tallinn was better than I had ever imagined. If you’re looking for a city break in Europe then you have to go to Tallinn. It’s beautiful, uncrowded and will leave you speechless in places. We LOVED our trip. Have a look at their website for more info on this gorgeous city! 

Read: Skyfaring by Mark Vanhoenacker

I may love traveling, but I HATE flying. I recently bought a book that I felt would help calm my nerves. I’m only reading it slowly as I want to mostly read it whilst flying to Marrakech. It’s called Skyfaring and written by pilot, Mark Vanhoenacker. In this book he talks about the world above the clouds. He has always loved flying and after taking it up as a career, he reveals stories from the cockpit along with letting us into the world of a pilot. I can’t wait to read this book – so far it has a big thumbs up from me. You can purchase it here. 

Travel with kids hack : Travel taster session

Okay, so this may sound a little weird but have a little taster session during the flight! We went out a few days before flying and bought lots of little snacks that Daisy has never had before. We put them all in a bag in her hand luggage and then let her pick what she wanted throughout the flight. This kept her entertained as it was all new. We also bought all the snacks we know she loves, just to play it safe too!

Website: On The Beach

My all time favourite website to book holidays via is On The Beach. I couldn’t tell you specifically why I enjoy it more than others, but it’s easy to use and I always manage to find amazing deals. You can pay a £150 deposit on most packages and then pay in monthly instalments. I know a lot of websites now do this, but I find it easier to find low deposit holidays via On The Beach.  I enjoyed writing this post!

Hopefully I will keep it up and carry on posting throughout the rest of the year. We have lots of travels planned, with trips constantly expanding and so we’ll have lots more to write about.

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