The ordinary moments #8 | Stuck in the mud

” Mummy, it scawy’

“What’s scary Daisy?’

‘Mud scawy’

‘Why is the mud scary?’

IMG_9388 copy

So if you’ve been an active reader of my blog then you may remember when Daisy did a poo on the floor by the bath tub. From that stemmed an irrational fear of the bath (which she is over now, phew!). But now she has another funny little fear. She hates mud. I know a lot of kids hate when mud gets on their foot or their hand so I know it’s only a stage that she’ll get over, but in the meantime I constantly get ‘mummy, carry me.’ She’s so heavy!

So we had a lovely (stressful) walk around the woodland area at the back of my parents house. It’s somewhere that I’ve always loved and is actually pretty sentimental to me. I used to take self portraits in there back when I was 18 and just discovering photography. I used to put my headphones in and go jogging, knowing that nobody would see me running. (I feel like I run weird!). So it’s lovely that my parents still live in the same house and I can take Daisy to see Dizzy the horse and Ruby the donkey along with all the sheep and lambs. Maybe next time she won’t be so scared of being stuck in the mud!

I didn’t manage to get many photos, these where taken before her sudden mud phobia sprouted – it wasn’t even that muddy. Toddlers are funny little things. Learning the rights from the wrongs, the good from the bad and testing patience when ever humanly possible. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

IMG_9387 copy IMG_9385 copy

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  • Bless her! You take the most beautiful photos of her. xx

    • dearlittledaisy says:

      Thanks Katie! 🙂 x

  • Cariemay says:

    Aww bless her! It looks like a beautiful spot, hopefully she’ll get to love it soon, or at the very least before she gets much heavier!!

    • dearlittledaisy says:

      Thanks Carie! I hope so 🙂 xx

  • dearlittlelucas says:

    How cute! how do i go about linking up with Katie for The Ordinary moments?

    • dearlittledaisy says:

      Thanks lovely! I link to her at the bottom of the post 🙂 xx

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