The little things

After work yesterday we decided to go to my mums for a bit of dinner, as we went to get in the car Daisy spotted a huge rainbow. “Rainbow! Rainbow!” we followed it all the way to nanny’s house and as we got to the door she shared her excitement with everyone – “look! rainbow!!”. Her excitement over something so little, something that I would overlook and something that as you get older becomes a little boring. I wish we could enjoy the little things without ‘grown up’ worries. How nice it would be to not think about money, to not notice the rude-ness in today’s society, to not be feeling down by the miserable weather. To appreciate the mystery of a rainbow.

Everything we enjoy tends to come with a price. It sounds so rubbish and I hate to put a downer on the positives, but it’s true. You go to a firework display and you’re left feeling stressed as it’s busy and cold and muddy. You go on holiday and you’re left feeling holiday blues amongst feeling broke and tired. We’re always longing for the bigger things in life whilst overlooking and treading over the little things that we take for granted. So many times I will try to put myself in Daisy’s shoes. I’ll try to see the world through her eyes. The ice-cream she eats on holiday whilst watching the world go by – how thoroughly she must be enjoying that moment. Her little face when she catches sight of something as significantly insignificant as a rainbow.

For so long, when Andrew had some time off work, we would always end up heading off on an adventure. We’d travel a little further afield and usually end up somewhere random, spend a lot of money and come back home feeling terribly tired. Yes – we’d have a great time. But recently we’ve been enjoying the little moments. Having bacon sandwiches for lunch whilst watching TV under lots of blankets, heading to our local Starbucks for a coffee, browsing the supermarkets and going for walks. I’m always longing for an adventure, longing for a holiday or to just pack up and leave. (Oh how amazing that would be). But it feels nice to currently be enjoying the little moments. I feel as though I’ve changed my mind set to not want, but to appreciate. I’m incredibly lucky – so why shouldn’t I join my toddler in appreciating rainbows? A meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky..

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