The Big Feastival 2018

Where to begin? The Big Feastival. I’ve been to several festivals with friends before, but never have I been with a child. I had no idea what to expect but I’d been told by many that The Big Feastival is incredibly family friendly and lots of fun. We only went for a day rather than camp for a few nights – I’m not a happy camper! Although I have been told since that there are options for ‘Glamping’ and pre-pitched tents which we’d likely consider next year. But we went for one day and had the best time! Before I go into more detail about what the day entailed, have a little look at my 60 second video below. I think it shows just how much fun we had!


The name may give it away a little, but The Big Feastival is AMAZING for the food. I had several places in mind that I really wanted to go to and so we went with empty stomachs to ensure we had enough room to eat as much as we possibly could. We started with a burger from Other Side Fried which you can see below. Oh my goodness – it is chicken to die for. Probably one of the best fried chicken burgers I’ve ever had. We went for a buffalo burger which had hot sauce, ranch sauce, pickles and lettuce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! We also had their cajun rosemary salt fries which were delicious. I had wanted to go to Burger and Beyond too but we didn’t get round to it.

We had ice lollies from Lickalix which are healthy! We went for the banana and strawberry smoothie flavour and I’m in desperate need to get hold of some more as they were amazing. We had sausage rolls, more ice-cream, mac and cheese, donuts. The list goes on – it’s safe to say that I over-did it and felt a little sick afterwards. If you fancy a little look you can see some of the food stands here. As you can probably tell, the biggest question of the day was always ‘what shall we have to eat?!’ as we were truly spoilt for choice.


Put me around great food, good music, my family and good company – and I’m  happy. From the second we parked the car all I could smell was food. Good food. Everyone was happy, children playing, adults drinking, dancing, singing. Everything you could expect from a festival but better. I always say that I would never travel without Daisy now because I love to experience travel through her eyes. It was kind of the same for a festival – her being there made it all the more special for us. She loved every minute of it all. Her favourite part was getting her face painted and seeing her friend, Ivy.

We wandered about, drank lots of coffee, ate lots of food and danced to good music. The sun was out –  it was a little on the chillly side – and we had a couple of drop of rain. (Nothing compared to the Sunday though!). We had first hoped to visit on the day Paloma Faith was playing as I’m a huge fan and so is Daisy, but we were still happy after getting to see Clean Bandit and Craig David instead. We even managed to hear Craig David playing ‘7 days’ whilst walking back to the car. We didn’t manage the whole set as we could tell it was time for Daisy to go!


One day was long enough to experience the festival atmosphere but definitely not long enough to do everything we wanted to do. I think this is mostly because we didn’t arrive until about 2pm due to Andrew working. But the entertainment was amazing – our favourite being the vintage fairground. We went on the endlessly photographed Helter Skelter which myself and Daisy loved (Andrew gets a little nervous around heights!). I also managed to drag Andrew and Daisy onto the huge ferris wheel – Daisy cried the entire time but then proclaimed she wanted to go on it again afterwards. Andrew on the other hand – wasn’t too sure about going back on again. We then headed on over to the dodgems for a fun ride around the track there! I’m a sucker for a vintage fairground and The Big Feastival definitely did it right!

They also had a bandstand which was fun to be around. We spent a lot of time here just listening to the silly and fun music for kids. We sat here, had ice-cream and let Daisy dance around a little. We missed Justin Fletcher by a few hours but I would have loved to of seen him, I’ve heard from friends that his performance is great. There is also a little farm, a circus school, the makery, tree climbing, veg patch, a campfire and workshops – along with so, so much more. check out the website to see details. I think it’ll be the same or at least similar next year!

We had an absolute blast at The Big Feastival, and with so much entertainment for the little ones we will definitely be back next year. You may even find us camping (eek!). I’ve watched our video back a few times and I feel al little sad that it’s all over. But it was a great end to an amazing summer with my little family. Daisy is off to start school full time next week and I’m gutted I won’t have my sidekick with me every afternoon. But The Big Feastival was a fab high to end our summer on – thank you for having us! I took lots of photos (as always) and so I’m going to post them below.

We were very kindly invited to visit The Big Feastival for a day. All words and options are 100% honest as they always are. If you want to see more about The Big Feastival then check out their links here:  Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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