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I understand that some people have different priorities. Not everyone wants to travel, not everyone wants children, not everyone wants to be career focused. If we all wanted the same then it’d be pretty boring. I know a lot of people that will not go out of their way to travel, but on the other hand I know a lot of people, like myself, that will do all they can to get out of the country for a much needed break. One thing I have always sworn by is to never work a ‘nine to five’ ‘Monday to Friday’ job. Again, this is just my personal preference. I will never see myself happy in that kind of working situation. Some people get very swept up in the vague difference between working to live and living to work. They say (whoever they are) to find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life again. This is completely it for me, absolutely spot on. Unfortunately though, I’m working two days a week as a care assistant whilst I slowly make the scary plunge to freelancing. I don’t particularly like my job and one thing I’m always sure to do is take my whole vacation. I’ll always make time for traveling.

Why you should take your whole vacation:


A decent break from life

We all have bad weeks, bad months and just generally bad times. A break from work and life in general can be incredibly healthy. It can be hard to completely switch off and not think about life at home but we all need to switch off at some point and spend some time with ourselves and our families. A decent break from life could be abroad but it could also be a few hours up the road. It doesn’t matter where, but a break from reality can be so refreshing and sometimes just what we need from life. Last minute spontaneous breaks usually end up being the best ones. Last minute and Travel Zoo are two great websites for discovering last minute bargain breaks. Another great site to book holidays through is HomeAway. They are running a campaign encouraging people to leave their desks behind to take their #WholeVacation. If you’re looking for a sunny getaway take a look at the homes they offer in the Florida Panhandle. We all need a decent break from life.

Helps boost creativity

I need to be creative. Seems my job is the most uncreative job possible (there’s only so much you can when looking after old people!) so I like to spend my spare time finding inspiration in everyday moments. Taking time away from work and from life can boost creativity largely. Not only does it open your mind to new ideas but it keeps you humble. It keeps your feet on the ground as you’re discovering life away from your desk and switching off from home life, and switching into new cultures. Seeing things I don’t see everyday really boosts my creativity. It gets me thinking and has me exploring ideas and concepts.


Stories to tell

The time I rode on the back of a motorcycle up to the top of some turkish cliffs to watch the sunset. The time we ate gelato and Pizza in Italy outside castle saint Angelo. The time I traveled half way across Turkey in the back of a carpet man’s van. The funny train rides, the crazy people, the never ending list of stories to tell. If not stories to tell, then memories to re-play in our heads. Me and Andrew spend many nights reminiscing about our favourite holidays. When you have nothing to do but be in the moment then you’re bound to live funny memories that’ll last a lifetime. What better reason to travel?

The excitement

The feelings! That lead up to the holiday. Always having something to look forward to. Having a bad day and then realising that it’s okay because it’s only 105 days until you go on holiday. Going away and then feeling incredibly excited, happy, free, alive, fearless. The airport for me is one of my favourite parts. It sounds silly as I am such a nervous flyer. I panic over every bump and every sound. I like my feet firmly on the ground – preferably in another country – and so unfortunately for me I just have to get over the fear and fly. But the airport is still exciting. After a glass of wine and a wander round duty free, I switch into holiday mode.

Culture shocks

For me, this is why I want to travel. I like the shock of different cultures. Now I have Daisy I am a little limited to where I can travel as we don’t want to dive into a long haul flight just yet – we’re going to wait until she’s four or five. But the idea of traveling to India, Thailand, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, Mongolia, Japan, Hawaii, Costa Rica and staying in one of the fabulous looking Costa Rica villas. Oh my goodness the list could go on. I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica, but the highlight of the trip for me would have to be a bird watching tour. One of my friends recommended it to me and she got to see so many amazing species of birds. To learn more about bird watching tours in Costa Rica, head to the Costa Rica Focus website here: https://www.costaricafocus.com/. But for now we are sticking to Europe as the flights are so short. When we travel places that aren’t beach holidays, we try and situated ourselves a little on the outskirts as we like the idea of trying to temporarily live like the locals. I feel that way you get more of a sense of the culture and it’s a lot less touristy.



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