Swimming with Konfidence [review]

I’m not a huge fan of the water. In fact I can’t swim and hate the thought of it. I like to get in the pool and plod around the place looking as though I know what I’m doing, but half the time I’m just reminding myself not to doggy paddle my way out of a situation. (Pretty sure when I doggy paddle it looks as though I’m drowning – I’d hate to send mixed signals to the lifeguard). Daisy, on the other hand, LOVES water and LOVES swimming. I think most children at the age of three do. The wonderful people over at Konfidence gifted us with this gorgeous swim jacket and we’ve enjoyed trying it out whilst on holiday.  Made from neoprene fabric, they provide warmth, comfort and a feeling of security, whilst the bright yellow back provides high visibility for parents.

Daisy can be a little fussy and I wasn’t sure if she’d be happy wearing the jacket at first – but she actually really enjoyed wearing it straight away. She’d pop it on and it would give us peace of mind during the hours we’d spend next to the pool. At one point (bad mum alert) she did actually fall in after sitting on the edge of the pool – she just ‘plopped’ into the water and went straight under. But before we’d even managed to pull her back up she’d already bounced back to the surface due to the swim jacket. That was definitely reassuring!

The material of the jacket is so soft and stretchy – I was worried it wasn’t going to be very comfortable for Daisy to wear – but it definitely seemed it. She didn’t complain anyways! (makes a change haha) Not only is it incredibly handy and beneficial for peace of mind – but it looks incredibly cute too. We chose this beautiful red striped and frilled pattern which (As you can see from the photos) looks so incredibly cute. Each morning before heading down to the pool Daisy would always say ‘MAMA – Don’t forget my pretty swimming jacket!’. These jackets have also won Gold Awards for best safety product and after reading a few reviews beforehand, we can see they are rated very highly.

Jackets are available for children aged 1 – 7 years old and available in a range of different colours. RRP: £24.99

*We have been gifted our Konfidence swim jacket for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. 

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  • Debbie says:

    Oh bless her, it’s a good job she was wearing it when she fell in. It looks fab! My daughter just wears a happy nappy at the moment as she swims in a heated pool. I’m on the look out for something warmer for normal pools so will check out Konfidence.

    Debbie x http://www.hellodeborah.co.uk

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