Strawberry picking

Something I’ve wanted to do for a while is go strawberry picking. I love the idea of picking your own fruit. Unfortunately we don’t have a garden, whereas if we did have a garden I’d be inclined to grow my own fruit and have a little vegetable patch. I think it’d be fun! I had planned to take Daisy strawberry picking, but my sister wanted some photos taken of her and it was so hot that we thought we’d go just by ourselves whilst we could. One thing I find funny is how much us ‘brits’ moan about weather. If it’s too cold, wet and windy then we are complaining. If it’s too hot then we are also complaining. I love the sun. I love heat and it puts me in the most amazing mood. So on a scorching day like today, I really could not complain!

We went to a little place called Gravely fruit farm, just outside of Hitchin (Hertfordshire).  It’s located in such a cute and picturesque part of the countryside with stunning 360 degree views. There’s a gorgeous little cafe where you can purchase food and drink whilst opposite is a park for the kids to play. There are tractor and trailer rides most weekends and some (super cute) pet pigs that guests are able to feed. They have a range of fresh fruit to pick, ranging from apples, strawberries, gooseberries and raspberries. We chose strawberries, although we probably went at the wrong time of year as they weren’t at their ripest. We said we’d go back next year but a little earlier!

Graveley Fruit Farm is part of a larger arable farm that has been in the same family for four generations. The fruit growing side was started in 1981 and has steadily evolved over the years. The fruit is grown at table top height so there’s no unnecessary bending down, whilst it’s also at a good height for children to reach up and pick their own as a lot of the strawberries hang quite low.

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*I haven’t been asked to write about Gravely Fruit farm*

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  • Donna Wishart says:

    I absolutely love strawberry picking, they are some of the best days. Looks like the weather was perfect for it too! x

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