How to spend 5 days in Prague with kids

I remember the moment we stepped off the tram and into the city centre. It was cold, we were tired, hungry, agitated. But I remember breathing in the fresh Czech air and being transported into one of my infamous ‘i love this’ moments. I’m sure Andrew thinks I’m a little crazy. It’s that first moment though, when stepping onto foreign soil and feeling my whole body relax. I’m not tense anymore, I’m somewhere nobody knows me. There are numerous reasons for visiting a city during winter, but my number one favourite is the lack of tourist crowds. It was so much easier to let Daisy run around and really thoroughly explore. Here is how we spent 5 days in Prague with a four year old. I just want to say a special thank you to Visit Prague for helping us plan our trip.

Where | Capital of the Czech Republic 
Currency | Czech Crown (CZK) 
Time zone | Central European time (GMT +1) or summertime GMT +2 

Day one

After an early morning flight, we arrived (pretty tired, hungry and agitated) and made our way to the tram stop from our hotel. We stayed just outside the centre in a hotel called Pragga 1885. This was located in Praga zone 5. Each part of the city is labelled by numbered zones (1 – 3 being the ‘main’ area of Prague City). We had a quick wander around whilst Daisy slept in the buggy – taking in the sights and amazing views of Charles Bridge. To be completely honest, we didn’t do much during our first day, we found somewhere quiet to eat lunch and fell asleep before we could even stomach dinner. We don’t usually feel that tired after an early morning flight, but we could hardly keep our eyes open.

Tip: If you are going to be using public transport regularly, then consider purchasing ‘The Prague Card’ which is a travel card that lasts 3 days. You need to stamp the ticket in a ticket machine before your first trip or you’ll risk paying a fine.

Day two | Charles Bridge and chimney cakes

We woke up early and after a delicious continental breakfast in the hotel, we headed for the tram.  We headed straight towards Charles Bridge where we took in the beautiful views and architecture. Charles Bridge connects the lesser town to the old town – both are beautiful but we especially recommend the old town square. After walking over Charles Bridge and taking full advantage of the photo opportunities, we headed straight to ‘Good Food Coffee and Bakery‘ for one of their famous chimney cakes.  My camera decided to break momentarily (may have had a mini panic attack) but after dropping it on the floor (I KNOW! WEIRD!) it decided to work. I didn’t manage to get a photo of that specific Chimney cake, but here’s one (below) from another bakery which wasn’t quite as good.  We then wandered around the Old Town square, which I’ll go into more detail in another post.

Tip: If you have baby wipes on you then bring them! These chimney cakes get messy and the tissue never seems to be enough.  

Day three | Old town and Lennon wall

On day three it snowed, much to our delight. We wandered out after breakfast and headed straight towards the old town square. We sat and had a nice warm drink outside, under a heater in an outdoor terrace area. They had blankets too and Daisy slept – bonus points. We then let Daisy wander around the old town square. There’s lots to do; a large polar bear wanders about and allows you to take photos with him, bands play street music, men pretend to be statues and someone blows lots of bubbles (I’m not quite sure what to call this haha – a bubble maker?!). Daisy had so much fun dancing to the music, popping bubbles and playing about with the statue men!

We then headed to a little toy shop where Daisy chose a set of Russian dolls. We actually ended up eating in McDonalds this evening (I know, such a cultural experience). But before that, we found the famous Lennon wall. This wall was once an average ol’ wall, yet since the 1980s people have been painting murals in memory of John Lennon and The Beatles. A busker stood playing ‘John Lennon – Imagine’ whilst people posed for photos in front of the wall. It’s definitely interesting, especially if you are a John Lennon or Beatles fan. We then went to a little John Lennon inspired cafe around the corner and had a lovely cup of coffee!

Day four | Hamleys and play parks

Okay, so it doesn’t sound as though it’s the most ‘cultural’ experience, but we loved our little trip to Hamleys. Granted, it wasn’t as large as the London store, but it was still brilliant. We always try to make sure we do something for Daisy each day, we know she has fun whenever she’s with us anyways, but sometimes we have to remind ourselves that what we find fun, she may not. We had coffee and cake at Hamleys and then spent a good 4 hours playing with all the toys, sliding down the large slide that takes you from first floor to ground floor, and riding the carousel.

After spending far to much time in Hamleys (is there really such a thing?) we went to find some play parks for Daisy to play in. There’s one right in the centre of the city – you head down a lift and it takes you to an miniature island-like area. We played there for a while before heading back to get ourselves another chimney cake. We really couldn’t get enough of them!

Day five | Shopping time and photos

On day five, we didn’t want to wear ourselves out before traveling back home, so we decided to not do much. We headed into the city centre and wandered around their absolutely huge shopping mall. We had frozen yoghurt and pizza hut from the food court and then wandered in and out of the little street shops outside. On our last day we always tend to focus on creating content / getting enough photos and video footage. So we went back to Charles Bridge (I did some terrible posing!) and the old town square. Daisy told us how the polar bear was her new best friend and she’s really going to miss him, before catching sight of ‘Olaf’. We then got the metro back to the airport and had dinner there!

We had the best time in Prague and I can’t wait to share more photos / videos.

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  • Kel says:

    I love Prague, such a beautiful city! Glad you found plenty to keep miss Daisy occupied! My brother took my nephew when he was young and I think they went to the same play area, I remember him telling me about the lift to it!

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