How to spend 4 days in Tallinn, Estonia, with kids

I’ve been attempting to write this post for a good week or so now, and for some reason I sit down and the words just disappear. They’re in my head, but I can’t seem to get them onto a blank document. Estonia had been on my bucket list for a while and so when the opportunity arose for us to work with Visit Estonia, of course we said yes! This beautiful country is known for connecting the dots between Scandinavia, Central Europe and what lies to the east. I only had to look at a few photos from Google to know that I was going to fall in love with this city, and sure enough I did. I have several posts to write about the gorgeous capital, Tallinn, along with a video. So be prepared for lots of Estonia spam (it’s not a bad thing, I promise!).

How to spend 4 days in Tallinn, Estonia, with kids

Day one

One thing I never knew about Estonia is that it’s one of Europe’s least crowded countries and 52% of it is made up of forest. We found that wherever we went, it didn’t seem busy. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the population or not, but it was nice nonetheless.  We arrived after an early morning flight and felt absolutely knackered. We decided to keep it low key and go for a walk to see what was nearby. Our apartment was set overlooking the stunning Old Town and what a view we had. Tallinn is a Unesco World Heritage Site  known for it’s well preserved historic and medieval architecture. I think that’s the main factor which drew me to Tallinn the most – the medieval vibe. We spent our first (half) day in Tallinn wandering around the cobbled streets, feeling a little chilly and eating McDonalds. It’s a tradition that once arriving somewhere, we head to the nearest McDonalds.

Day two

We woke up on day two knowing that the weather wasn’t going to be amazing. Because of this, we’d planned a couple of indoor activities and saved the outdoor fun for the next few days instead. We headed to Tallinn TV tower which is Tallinn’s tallest tower and a great attraction for anyone coming to visit. We arrived as soon as it opened at 10am, watched a 3d movie then headed (in the lift) to the top! There’s an area you can walk around and look at the AMAZING 360 view from inside. There are fun viewing points that you can stand and look down on (Andrew hated this – me and Daisy loved it!). There’s a park outside, a restaurant upstairs and a museum below. So much to do , and so much fun. We didn’t manage to walk around the edge like we had planned, this was due to the weather so make sure you visit on a clear day! We spent the rest of the afternoon at Skyparks indoor trampoline centre and soft play!

Day three

Day three bought us sunshine! It was probably my most favourite day of all. We started by heading straight to the neighbouring district of Kalamaja. I had heard great things yet didn’t want to set my expectations too high in case it left us disappointed. We definitely were not disappointed. Kalamaja is quirky, fun, beautiful and lives up to it’s ‘hipster’ label. We wandered around the creative district of Telliskivi and into Deepoo which is a market / shopping area full to the brim of street food, quirky boutiques and so much more! This was the highlight of our stay in Tallinn – it’s well worth a visit. It also hosts Tallinn’s best-kept secret – Renard Coffee Shop, which is a magnet for true coffee-lovers from all over the world. We spent the rest of the day finding parks for Daisy and wandering around the beautifully cobbled baltic streets of Old Town Tallinn.

Day four

On day four we contemplated getting the ferry over to Helsinki, but decided not to. We’re going to save that for another trip! If you have more time then it’s a quick 2-3 hour ferry trip and could be well worth a visit. Instead we made our way back to Kalamaja to check out their gorgeous wooden houses and pose for a few photos! We wandered about the old town and generally took everything in. This city is absolutely beautiful. You can get lost amongst the medieval streets and quirky dining. There are lots of little things we did, so much so that I’m in the process of writing  a post all about specific activities to do in Tallinn. Me and Andrew have both agreed that Tallinn is our new favourite European city. We fell in love with it.

Some places are so underrated. You hear of Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam but you rarely hear of Tallinn. I think that’s what makes places like this even more special. It’s almost as though you’ve been let in on some kind of secret. Untouched, unheard of and yet so beautifully preserved. This medieval city is one to add right at the top of your bucket list.


  • BC Kowalski says:

    Tallinn is on my docket for 2020! We’re planning a winter trip and I’m hoping to get to Otepaa as well. In researching the trip I’m amazed at how many things there are to do and that cost so little! And ever better if you get the Tallinn card. I can’t wait to go!

  • Jo - Pickle & Poppet says:

    This looks like a really beautiful place and sounds like you had an amazing time. #ThatFridayLinky

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