A special wedding, new projects and a little bit of #lifelately


So I’ve started writing this blog post and given up several times. I’ve looked way too much into why I blog and what I’m even blogging about. I’ve spent too much time pondering over what I actually am. Am I a photographer? a blogger? a writer? social media manager? What am I? Then I realised; give up. Don’t give up the work. Just give up attempting to define my work. It is what it is. I do a bit of this, I do a bit of that. Each day I do something that’ll bring me closer to living the life I want to live. I want to travel, write and take photos. But between that, life happens! I feel like I haven’t written anything about my life / what I’m up to in what feels like a long time. 99% of my readers probably don’t actually care – but I sometimes forget that I write this blog for me to look back on.

A special wedding 

I love my job. Especially on days where I get to photograph one of my best friend’s wedding. Nicole looked absolutely stunning. She married her sweetheart, Brad, and they make the most wonderful couple. I was absolutely honoured that she asked me to be photographer as well as guest. Daisy and Andrew came along and we had the best day.

New friends and new projects

I’m a shy person. I’m not outgoing in the slightest – although when I’m comfortable with someone I’m okay. I hate group gatherings because it starts to become overwhelming and anxiety kicks in. I’m an introvert at heart and sometimes all I want to do is get home and just be by myself or with Andrew and Daisy. That being said, I’m attempting to push myself out of my comfort zone and make new friends. I reached out to a lovely local blogger who I’m going to be working with throughout on-going photography projects, and we can’t wait to get our girls together and take more photos. The old Jodie would never do that.


Life has been okay. Daisy’s busy being a little sweetheart and Andrew has been busy working. He has a week off work soon and for the first time in a long time we’re actually not going anywhere. (Apart from hopefully two days in York). Sometimes life just speeds along and it’s hard to actually appreciate each day. Sometimes I find myself (I believe we all do) looking forward to the next day.. looking forward to the weekend.. looking forward to Christmas. I’ve been really trying recently to appreciate the day as it is. To do more that costs less and to not worry about the little things. (hard when you have anxiety).

But mostly I’m just enjoying Daisy. I’m enjoying seeing her skip off to school every morning. I’m enjoying her coming out with a huge grin on her face, knowing that she’s had the best day. I love that she loves school. I’m enjoying seeing her become more independent with getting dressed/undressed, playing by herself and going to the toilet by herself. Little things that she wasn’t too confident about doing a few months back. My baby will be 4 in March and I can’t quite get over it! How on earth is she almost four already? Slow down,time. Slow down.

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