Spain {Part one}


If you follow me on twitter or Instagram then you may have noticed we jetted away to Spain for a week recently! Spain is only a two hour flight away from us and we get some crazy cheap deals from our local airport, Luton, which is only a 25 minute car journey. Funny thing is, I’d never been to Spain before this trip! For some reason it’s never really appealed to me. I prefer go a little further afar, but we felt a huge lack of vitamin D but our bank account was telling us something different.. So we decided to go for a cheap and cheerful holiday to Costa Brava. We had an absolutely wonderful time, I wouldn’t go back to that particular area (Lloret De Mar) but that’s because I like going to new places!

This was Daisy’s 5th and 6th time flying, yet her first time flying with her own seat and I cannot express how much easier it was. It was lovely to not have an energetic wriggling toddler passed from my lap to Andrew’s lap and back again. She was good as gold, sat there happily watching programmes on the iPad and eating all her snacks. We took colouring books, magazines, craft supplies and lots of bits and pieces that’d keep her busy. She didn’t complain once and before we knew it we had landed. (Thank god! Nervous flyer alert!). We had planned to hire a car originally but due to a mix up with the booking we ended up not being able to. We tried not to let that get in the way of us having a good time though!

We spent the majority of each day down at the beautiful beach. The weather was gorgeous and the hotel was pleasant. The pool was a little on the cold side, but that didn’t stop us taking a dip. If there’s one thing we love doing when we go away (no matter how hot it is) is walking. I never used to like going for long walks on holiday, I used to prefer just sunbathing and taking it easy, but since being with Andrew that’s changed. We love our walks! Me and Andrew are at our best and our happiest when away on holiday. We both like doing the same things, spending the day the same way and we both just love travelling. I think one of the major things that deterred me from visiting Spain is that I’ve heard a lot of people describe it as ‘being at home’ and that doesn’t appeal to me at all. I like to feel far away! I like the culture and the idea of being out of my comfort zone. Costa Brava was still lovely though and I’ll definitely be looking at other places in Spain to visit when in need of a little vitamin D!

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I took so many photos that there will be a part two! (Along with a little video)


  • Your trip looks truly mesmerizing loving all your captures from it too. Just saw your video too. Subscribed to your channel don’t know how I missed you on youtube babes sorry. Gotcha now. lol 🙂 Your photos are always so beautiful. Apologies for the late commenting the hand over of Share With Me to Mummy Fever and the busy half term has me a little behind but never forgetting your amazing support and thanking you for linking up. I hope you will link up again tomorrow for another great round of Share With Me over with Charlotte and keep Share With Me blog hop going long after my hosting. #sharewithme

  • Katy says:

    These are just the most gorgeous photos!! I can’t even choose a favourite. I haven’t been to Spain for the longest time but really want to take the girls in the next couple of years. Thank you for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

  • Katy says:

    These are just the most gorgeous photos!! I can’t even choose a favourite. I haven’t been to Spain for the longest time but really want to take the girls in the next couple of years. Thank you for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

  • Such gorgeous photos! I’ve not taken my children abroad yet, we have been to Wales and are heading to the Isle of Wight this year. Thanks so much for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x

  • Charlotte Pearson says:

    What stunning photos – really beautiful! I think Spain is the perfect family holiday destination. Thanks for linking to #sharewithme

  • Love My Mess says:

    How wonderful, I went to Spain on a high school orchestra trip and it was unforgettable. It’s amazing how just a few years or even MONTHS can make a difference when traveling with a toddler. Hope you enjoy and travel safely, found you at Friday Funday!

  • Run Jump Scrap! says:

    Gorgeous shots hun…just lovely and I love your style 🙂 This is making me so excited for hols,,,we are off to Greece soon and the first time our girlie will have her own plane seat too! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

    • dearlittledaisy says:

      Aw thanks so much! Oh how lovely, have a wonderful time!! xxx

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