Sorry but I’m really not sorry

After recently writing a post about why I’ll always take Daisy out of school during term time, I received some positive comments but also some not so positive comments. Sorry I’d prefer my daughter to hop on a plane rather than be confined to a classroom. Sorry I’d rather my daughter face the world and see for herself just how big it is. How diverse. How fun. Sorry I’d rather my daughter believe in something bigger. To put life and soul and heart into everywhere she goes and everything she does. To learn from life and pick out her own interests. To teach herself and teach us in the process. To be taught from people other than teachers. To see how much more there is rather than maths. rather than paper and pen. Rather than 9 – 3. Sorry i’d prefer my daughter be free. Sorry i’d prefer she had the best of both worlds. A little travel. A little school. Don’t we all want just that? The personal best for our child? I’m not sorry my priorities are different to yours and I’m not sorry for having a different opinion.

The world is more than just an oyster. It’s here to be seen and to be lived in. We are so incredibly tiny – within such a huge planet. What’s the point in staying in one place? Seeing the same thing day in day out? Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Europe, USA and Africa. San Francisco, Zimbabwe and Melbourne. Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Venice. Why not? We’re made to believe that we have to follow rules. But what kind of rule is it to punish a parent and punish a child for traveling when prices are reasonable and time is right?

Imagine being a child and seeing an elephant. Not behind bars at a zoo but in an elephant sanctuary. Imagine how amazing for  a child to touch them and wash them . To understand more about this animal instead of watching them through the bars at a zoo. Imagine being a child and seeing the world for yourself. Seeing it how you want to see it. Being creative and finding interest in the little things. Spend time visiting museums, seeing a new place each day. Wandering around cobbled streets and new cities. In rain, in sunshine and in snow. Why not?

I’m sorry but I’m really not sorry.

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  • Chloe Ciliberto says:

    I loved your first post about this! And I totally agree with this one again. The world is so huge and we’re not here for very long. I want my daughter to see as much of the world as possible and it’s hard to do that when for so long they are in school. School is great, they learn a lot, but you learn so much more and have a richer experience from travel! x

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