Slowing down & appreciating your worth

So as my to-do list gets a little longer, I sleep less, I eat more and I worry too much. I’m enjoying being freelance but it seems the work comes like busses. All at once! This post is a little like a mind dump. It may be a little boring and a bit random, but I’m just letting out what’s hovering around in my mind. In two weeks time we’ll be on holiday so that thought keeps me going. Sometimes it’s so important to slow down the pace. Sometimes it’s nice to close the laptop down and just watch a little TV or do some baking. Something that isn’t work. Where I’ve plonked myself straight in at the deep end by quitting my job, I find that I’m currently working full time but on a part-time basis. Which is why, after attending a wedding and meeting an inspiring photographer, I’ve decided to double (YEP! DOUBLE) my prices. I undercharge and I know I do. But I don’t have confidence in my work – something I need to gain.

The creative industry is a tough one. It’s not always as easy as find a job and work it. So much effort goes into advertising, marketing and building up a rapport with individuals or brands. So much work goes into seeing their business through their eyes – not my own – and then contemplating exactly what it is they need and how they need it. Weddings are hard too. They’re usually a full day – you’re on your feet – your floating about and constantly under so much mental pressure to make sure you don’t miss a movement – because when the moments gone, it’s gone. You then have to spend hours on end editing and retouching.It’s fun and I love it – but I need to get paid for my time. I’m new to the industry yet in the same sense I’m not. I’ve been working creatively for years – I just have always had a side line job too. But now this is my income, I have to slow down the pace, appreciate my own worth and realise that my time is worth more.

I can take a photo. I can create a video. I can make a website and I can do a little graphic design. I’m just as good as the next person. Confidence is something I lack in many aspects of my life. I’m not confident in the slightest. I’m reserved, I’m an introvert and I doubt my every step. But I feel like it’s time that changed and I put a back bone behind my work. I go on holiday soon – I’m going to have a lovely break and then come back with a fresh and clear mind. I’m going to make some big changes and only take on clients that really suit my brand. Why not do the same? It’s such a common mistake in the creative industry. So many individuals are working their butt off for pennies. Work hard and know your worth!

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