Shaws Corner National Trust / Hertfordshire

We decided a few weeks back that it was about time we bought a National Trust membership. We love finding new gardens and quite often end up visiting National Trust sites so it made complete sense. The first place we visited was Shaws Corner – the country home of playwright Bernard Shaw.  He moved here during the height of his fame as he wanted somewhere quieter to work by himself. He moved in with his wife and before he died he’d got in touch with the National Trust and asked if they’d like to have his home in order to keep it’s beauty. He had a little writing hut in the garden which is still there. He built this on a 360 degree moving platform so that he could always be facing the sun whilst he worked – you can still move the hut/shed now which is fun!

We went on a Saturday and were completely surprised at how empty it was. We wandered around the absolutely stunning garden – somewhere that would be lovely to picnic with friends on a nice warm day. We moved Shaw’s shed and let Daisy see if she could do it by herself – we then had a mini tour of the house and learnt a lot about Bernard Shaw and his wife. It’s amazing how many quotes of his that I know, but never knew they were written by him. There’s also a very small onsite shop with cold drinks and ice creams, along with a vintage van selling tea and coffee. Admission is £8 for an adult and £4 for a child. There is a small car park and gift/souvenir shop and overall I feel it’s a lovely little morning or afternoon out with or without children – it’s also good to note that there are front-carrying baby slings and hip-carrying infant seats for loan. 

To see more about Shaws Corner have a look here. Do you have any National Trust sites in the South East England that you can recommend us? We’d love to visit more over the following weeks before the weather disappears!

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