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When I saw Simpson Travel had a competition to win an ambassadorship, I knew straight away that I had to enter. I brainstormed for weeks and after deeming each idea ‘not good enough’, I decided to keep it simple. To strip it down, and just speak from the heart. Because that’s where it all starts, that’s where the roots for this passion begin.

Why Simpson Travel?

First of all, everything about Simpson travel just screams ‘perfect!’ to me. I like to know what I get, but with an element of surprise. Simpson Travel hunt out authentically beautiful destinations to send their customers. They go the extra mile and take no shortcuts. For us, and many families, they’ve hit the nail on the head. You have the excitement of visiting somewhere beautiful and slightly off the beaten track, yet can rest assured that they are only a phone call away and have scouted out only the best for their customers.  Not only are they a family orientated business but they treat their loyal customers with a reward system – something I’ve never seen from any other travel company.



The road less travelled is our chosen way to travel. To go somewhere that, although planned, leaves you guessing with every step. We went to the Colosseum but we wandered off the beaten track and found ourselves on a journey further into Rome. We saw the locals live and we attempted to blend into their world, even for just a minute. That was the moment I fell in love with a destination rather than person. This is going to sound crazy, but you know that familiar feeling when you’re trying to write down how much you love someone? Well, I have that when trying to put into words just how much I love to travel. It’s something that’s engraved into my bones. There’s a whole world outside of London and we need to see it.

All I’ve ever wanted to do, since finishing school, is travel. I dreamt day and night about the moment I’d take off and spend my days taking photos and writing. To my hearts content. Fast forward to Daisy being born and I was well prepared for the influx of “oh no! Well you can’t travel now, can you!”  from fellow colleagues and friends. Really? Why not? Having a child doesn’t make travel harder, it makes travel easier. Easier to enjoy. Easier to see the world through another perspective. So you know what I thought? Let’s prove them all wrong. I’ve travelled more with Daisy, than I have without her.

I’ve suffered with anxiety for over half my life. The one thing that counteracts those worrying thoughts eating away during everyday life, is to escape. It’s as though transporting into another country allows me to leave all anxiety behind. I meet it again when we get home, but it’s easier to handle. It’s kinder and gentle and I can cope again whilst seeing live through a clear mind. Take us away from England and I can be me, I can be anyone I want to be, we can do anything.  But you know what makes it all worthwhile? Seeing Daisy’s little face. From the moment we arrive at the airport, to the moment we wake up at home and she asks when we’re going back to our ‘holiday house’ again.

Why pick us? 

But why pick us as ambassadors? Maybe for the photography or the videography. Maybe for the writing, or the creativity. Or maybe, just maybe, because what it boils down to is the passion and enthusiasm. Ask someone to do something they love and they’ll go at it full force. They’ll put in 110%. They’ll sleep, eat and breathe it. That’s travel for us. Between holidays I barely spend a penny on anything other than food and bills. Between holidays we dance around the kitchen dreaming of our next escape. And that is our life, and we’re okay with that. There’s no life I would rather live.

See how we documented Lisbon, Turkey, Sardinia and Wales in 2017. 

See our travel videos here

*This is our entry for the Simpson Travel Ambassador programme. This is an opportunity I have put myself forward for as I would absolutely LOVE to be an ambassador for a company with such great travel expertise.*


  • Rhyming with Wine says:

    Oh wow! I worked in the travel industry for about ten years and I could feel every word that you wrote here. Your little one has so many exciting adventures ahead as you continue to explore the world together. Good luck lovely! I have everything crossed for you. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

  • Jaki says:

    Oh I am so wishing you lots of luck! I love this blog post and your pictures are just stunning! Thanks so much for sharing your entry with #TriumphantTales, hope to see you again next week. (Fingers crossed – be sure to let us know!) X

  • says:

    You so deserve to win! Best of luck!

    I love seeing your travel photos and videos x

  • says:

    What a lovely little travel post. Definitely bookmarking your blog! #dreamteam

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