Rhossili Beach, Swansea Bay

When it comes to beaches in the UK, it can be hard to find one that’s just right. There’s several that stick out in my mind as being the best I’ve been to and Rhossili Beach in Wales is one of them. A lot of English beaches can be overcrowded with families flocking to the sea when the sun makes it’s rare appearance – sometimes this can make the beach trip you’ve been looking forward to a little chaotic and not quite as nice as once imagined. We headed to Rhossili Beach whist in Wales with Visit Swansea Bay and it’s somewhere we will definitely be going back to. This beautiful coastline has been voted Wales best beach in 2017 by Trip Advisor. It’s also been voted one of the UK’s Top 10 Beaches for five years running in the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards – what more do I need to say to assure you how beautiful it is?

We were super lucky as the sun shone through the clouds and we managed to get a sighting of blue sky! – Something we don’t see enough during an English summer. As you turn up to Rhossili Beach there are two car parks. After getting parked up you can then take a right and head down a path that takes you onto the beach – or you can take a left and head on over to the Worm’s Head cliffs. The path leading down to the beach is a little steep and not very buggy friendly BUT we did it anyway and it was well worth the walk. Andrew carried Daisy and I bumped the buggy down! It was easier than I had first imagined – even if Daisy whinged the entire time because her hair was stressing her out! (It was a little windy!). The sand at Rhossili Beach is so fine and soft – the perfect kind of sand. It’s almost as though you transport into another country – it doesn’t quite feel like you’re in the United Kingdom anymore. The views are just breathtaking and my photos don’t do it enough justice!

The beach is situated in Gower and has 3 miles of beautiful sandy shore. I’ve also heard that if you look closely out to shore you might be able to spot some basking seals or dolphins playing in the waves! Amazing. We had a little paddle in the water and forgot about the chilly wind for a while. I love how the beach is almost in a little cove – it feels cosy and secluded which makes it more special. After a little walk we headed to a local shops to get some of ‘Joe’s Ice-cream’ as we’ve only heard good things about it! It was THE best ice-cream I’ve had in England.. oh my – what I’d do for some more right now! We decided after ice cream it was obviously a good time to go for dinner (totally makes sense, right?) and so we headed to the Worm’s Head Hotel – Helvetia restaurant – for something to eat. It was delicious food with a beautiful view. If you’re ever in the area – Rhossili Beach is an absolute must.

*  We worked with Visit Swansea Bay and received free accommodation plus meals provided. All words and opinions are 100% honest.

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