Portugal {part two}


So, I really thought I would be able to do this in just two parts. But it doesn’t seem that’s going to happen so the Portugal spam isn’t over just yet. One more post and I’ll change the subject! Me and Andrew keep reminiscing of an evening and start feeling very nostalgic. It’s such a bitter sweet feeling when you get those holiday blues. You love it because you’ve had such a lovely and wonderful time and you can’t help but look back and be so in love with all the happy memories you’ve created, but then it’s bitter because you want to be back there in the moment. Reality hits hard sometimes and it make you double think your life and why you so badly want to escape it sometimes.


We aren’t very good at having a nice photo taken of ourselves. One of us (or both of us) always ends up looking silly!


We spent the day at a place called Zoomarine and it was SO much fun. As you can probably assume from the name, it was a zoo but with marine animals too and a wonderful huge beach/water park. Daisy absolutely loved it! It was possibly my highlight of the holiday. Seeing her have such a lovely time. It was also nice to see Andrew have so much fun to. Me and Daisy sat to watch him go on a few rides and waterslides!



She took 6 steps in the water!





One more post and that’ll be it guys, promise! Haha. In the meantime why not scroll down to the previous post (or click here) to watch our youtube video! I’ve watched it way too many times already.

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