Portugal {part 1}


We took Daisy on her first plane journey over to Portugal! We had such a wonderful and lovely little family holiday and as the holiday blues have hit me hard I guess writing up about it all will make me feel a bit better! Who doesn’t hate those horrible holiday blues?!! I’m a nervous flyer and that anxiety was doubled with the added pressure of taking a 15 month old on her first flight! Luckily the flight went really well, she stayed awake for take off both times and slept through everything else – phew – we consider ourselves very lucky, haha. I didn’t take any pictures on the plane because I’m such a nervous flyer i don’t really do much at all – just sit there and wait for it to be over! But throughout the holiday we took TONS of photos!

We happened to be super lucky with the weather. It reached 38 degrees on it’s hottest day. We had blue skies and a happy baby who coped considerably well with the sweltering heat. We spent mornings having croissants and tea for breakfast on our balcony, dancing ‘Daisy style’ to music whilst getting ready for the day ahead. We ate our body weight in watermelons and burgers (I love a good burger) and went on long family walks exploring the beautiful old town of Albufeira. I’ve been to Portugal once when I was a one year old myself, so it happened to feel special to be able to take Daisy on her first holiday to the same place I took mine all those twenty four years ago!

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful man that didn’t mind pushing the buggy everywhere – phew!

The beautiful white and blue cobbled streets where my favourite picturesque part of the town.

Got to love a great family selfie! On our lovely veranda with ocean views – couldn’t complain!

She loved playing on the veranda with her toys and made friends with a little russian girl next door. They played and shared toys.

I just love that beautiful little face!

A little more about Albufeira
Albufeira is situated in the Algarve and is a popular tourist attraction for many walks of life! From couples, to families, to singletons and the elderly. There is pretty much a part of Albufeira for everyone! Albufeira was a small fishing village until the arrival of tourism in the 1960s. Substantial developments since then have turned it into a major holiday resort (and probably the most popular resort in the Algarve) and today there are well over 100 Albufeira Hotels to choose from! Even with all of the developments, some of Albufeira Old Town still retains the essence of the village it once was, with narrow cobbled streets winding up and around the hillsides and typical single storey houses lining the roadside.It’s such a beautiful destination and we couldn’t recommend it enough!

Watching the boats at the marina! She loved it.

Walking along holiday hands. She takes steps by herself but not very often and she seems to much rather crawl everywhere or hold someones hand! Cheeky miss.

The candy coloured apartments and shops along side the marina. So beautiful!

We took so many photos that it’s safe to say this is probably one post out of three!

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