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How to plan your own travel itinerary

One thing we never used to do was create an itinerary. It wasn’t until we had been given an itinerary for a collaboration with visit Wiltshire that we realised, actually, an itinerary is perfect for short break. When visiting a new place it’s easy to get caught up in an attempt to see everything. With an itinerary you are simply doing the things you want to do without the stress and anxiety of missing something important. I’ve put together a few tips on creating your own itinerary – it can be a little time consuming but there are easy ways to create the perfect short break for your family.

1. Research

After deciding on a destination, spend time researching. For example; if I wanted to go to Rome I would then start my research by googling and looking on Pinterest. There’s plenty of different tour guides for each city or destination you’d like to visit. I find it helpful searching for things such as ‘How to spend three days in Rome’ or ‘sights to see in Rome’. This way you can rule out what you want to see and what you are not too fussed about seeing. I usually then write these down into a list and then head on over to the next part.

2. Google maps

After figuring out what I want to see, I will then pop on over to Google Maps and figure out whereabouts each one is. I do this because it’s then easy to plan what you’re going to be doing on what day. Rather than randomly decide where you’re going to be going that day, you can plan it out so that you’re not traveling back and forth and left feeling tired and deflated. I then try and not pack out the day too much (because of Daisy) and have about 2/3 things we want to do each day. These things could be as little as seeing the colosseum to having coffee in a particular coffee shop.

3. Budget

This is usually my favourite part of planning a trip because it makes me feel so incredibly organised. This website is very  helpful. It’s called ‘budget your trip’ – all you need to do is type in a destination and a currency, it’ll then talk you through exactly how much everything costs. It’s really handy to help plan out your trip. We tend to work out how much lunch and dinner will be (we usually have breakfast included in the hotel price) and go from there. Eating out for the three of us is never expensive so for a short break we may leave ourselves 100Euros a day. That’ll be plenty enough for lunch, dinner and ice-cream etc in between. To make sure we don’t go over budget, we withdraw this money and keep it in an envelope to take out with us. Incase of an emergency we take our bank card too. We leave the rest of the money back at the hotel that way if * god forbid * we are mugged, we at least have money back at the hotel.

4. Write it all down

I’m not sure if perhaps this seems a little too obvious? I type up our itinerary and then print it out. I then keep this with any other paperwork we’ve had to print out like our boarding passes and hotel details. It really helps as we know what we’re doing each day. I find it easier looking at a piece of paper rather than a word document on my phone.

5. Don’t be too strict

If you try to follow your itinerary exactly as it is, then you may find it a little stressful. Remember you don’t have to do everything you’ve written down. You may get there and realise that actually instead of doing one thing, you’d rather do something else. An itinerary is usually just a rough guide of what you can do… not what you have to do.

Do you have anything else to add to the list? Anything else that’ll help someone plan an itinerary?


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  • Kel says:

    Holiday itinerary planning is my favourite thing in the world to do! I’ve got specific plans for trips I have no hope of booking for years yet!

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