The perfect travel buddy

Up until almost four years ago, I never had anyone that had a passion for traveling as much as I do. My previous partners where never into it and never seemed to ‘get it’. Then I met Andrew and we clicked in so many other aspects of life, but mostly we clicked with our passion and enthusiasm for travel. We both love discovering new places and we both tend to steer away from sunbathing holidays. (handy when you have a three year old!). If we could be on the road constantly then we would – but unfortunately life gets a little in the way. Money isn’t unlimited and work doesn’t wait forever. We travel when and where we can. We have a few staycations this year along with three holidays abroad already booked and another in the process. It’s so important if you have a passion for travel, to travel with likeminded people.

An early but not too early-ish waker

I like sleep as much as the next person. I also am not a morning kinda girl – but when we’re away we like to get up at a decent time so that we have enough of the day left to wander around and explore the place we’re in. But not so early that we’re left dreaming of sleep and drooling over the sight of coffee. We tend to wake up and be ready for about 10.30 which is great for us.

Enjoys a good walk

I hate walking – haha. It may sound lazy but I drive everywhere and if  I could, I’m sure I’d drive the 2 minute walk to preschool if I could. But when we’re away we like to steer away from public transport. We love a good walk. I remember our first trip together and we walked SO much. So much that I ended up pretty much begging Andrew to get a taxi towards the end of the holiday. I’m glad he pushed me to walk though – it saves money, tans you more and it’s so much nicer to take in your surroundings whilst chatting away.

Not a sunbather

I’ve never been good at sunbathing – I love the idea of it but I just can’t lay still. I tend to be up and about and before I know it I’m just itching to go somewhere and see something new. Don’t get me wrong – we don’t spend all day every day on the move. Of course we enjoy relaxing with a nice cold drink and just soaking up the sunshine. But I couldn’t just lay there and sunbathe for hours on end and neither could Andrew. We love being out and about – checking out what’s nearby, snapping up some photo opportunities and just wandering.

Money savvy

Me and Andrew are very much alike when it comes to money. We love spending money on food and eating out – we love a good budget spreadsheet, haha. When we are away we know just how easy it is to overspend. We take a set amount with us and then split it into envelopes only using our budget for it’s allocated day. Strict? Maybe! But it definitely helps when it comes to spending pointlessly.

All about the coffee stops

Okay so this is where me and Andrew are alike but then not-so-alike at the same time. We both love a good coffee stop – at any given occasion we will grab a coffee to go (or if Daisy’s asleep we’ll sit in and watch the world go by) BUT Andrew will always hunt for somewhere he knows does good coffee. He’ll always pick a Starbucks or Costa over any independent coffee shop. I’m the opposite – I love finding hidden coffee shops full of character and charm – even if the coffee isn’t as good as Starbucks!

Photo opportunities

This can be so annoying for some people – and probably annoying for Andrew every so often BUT you travel with me.. you travel with my camera. I tend to take a LOT of photos whilst away. I snap a lot even when I’m not traveling, but it’s safe to say that I take twice as many photos whilst we’re away. I love photography and I love having fun photos and videos to look back on in years to come. Me and Andrew will quite often wander around and hunt for photo opportunities – especially during golden hour.

What about you? What makes your perfect travel buddy?!


  • says:

    gorgeous photos and we’re the samme. Id much rather give money to a little independent than a big chain!
    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime

  • says:

    Gorgeous pictures. This made me laugh because me and mu husband are polar opposites when we first met our holiday choices were so different – I liked lazy sun holidays and he likes more active travelling in the UK holidays and after many years we have kind of met in the middle. #ablogginggoodtime

  • Helena says:

    My husband and I are into the same hobby (geocaching), which allows us to see places from another perspective. #coolmumclub

  • says:

    Wow, your photos are just beautiful! It sounds like you guys are the perfect travel companions…

    Thanks for linking with #coolmumclub

  • Tubbs says:

    I’m the same as you. I’ll always try the independent coffee shop over the chain. They do have more character and it’s somewhere that’s unique to where you are. I’d sooner support a local, small business as well. Enjoy your travels 🙂

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