Perdepera Resort, Sardinia, with Mark Warner #1

Our Mark Warner holiday | Part one

I have no idea where to start with this post! A little while ago I was lucky enough to be chosen by Mark Warner to become a brand ambassador. This opportunity has to be the best that has come from my blog and something that I will always, always cherish. I remember I was just popping in to see my nan and grandad when I got the email (they love traveling just as much as I do) and I literally could not stop smiling! Little old me never gets picked for things like this. We chose their Sardinian resort of Perdepera and what a great choice it was. I love Italy – it’s my favourite place in the world so far – and so to go to the Italian island of Sardinia was just a dream. This post is going to come in a few different parts as I have so much I want to talk about and show you all. But in this post I’m going to talk a little about the experience on a whole.


I’m going to start with the childcare because it was seriously amazing. I remember feeling a little hesitant at the idea of leaving Daisy for three hours in a different country without having met the team or having time to settle in. On her first day she cried her eyes out… for two minutes. On her second day she didn’t even say bye! Her key worker was Rebecca – who Daisy named ‘Rebecca Rabbit’ – and she was so good with all the children. I had heard great things about Mark Warner’s childcare before our holiday but had no idea it would be as good as it was! Daisy would go to mini club at 9 and we’d pick her up in time for lunch at half 12. The children get to go out and about to the beach and pool area whilst doing things they wouldn’t necessarily do with mum and dad. Daisy did lots of swimming, went kayaking, stood up on a paddle boat and so much more. They’d have activities inside too, which was great as it kept them nice and cool away from the sun – yet they still get out and about too!

We loved seeing Daisy around the resort whilst she was in mini club. She always looked like she was having so much fun! I was a little worried that if she saw us during mini club then she’d want to come with us but that definitely wasn’t the case. Several times, whilst picking her up, she didn’t want to leave at all! On our last night we took a walk to the beach but she decided that actually she wanted to go to movie club. They run movie club at about 7pm – 10.30pm where the children can come along and watch a movie. They then have little sleeping bags so they can fall asleep if they want to.

Daisy still talks about mini club and we’ve been back over a week now! She drew ‘Rebecca Rabbit’ a picture and talks about her a lot! I love when Daisy really takes to someone and makes a friend – no matter what age. The childcare is what made the holiday for us – it was amazing and I can’t rate it highly enough.

The pool area

I’m usually a beach kind of girl, but this holiday I definitely took a better liking to the adults only pool! The resort actually had one large pool with a shallow end and deep end, the adults only pool and then a little mini pool for toddlers and little ones. The adults pool was incredibly relaxing, situated at the bar of the resort with gorgeous decking, the most comfortable sun loungers ever and a little water feature. The pool was never too cold and it was always a really quiet area. I knew that I could just sit there and relax. It was always so nice to pop in my headphones, know that Daisy is having lots of fun at mini club and just enjoy the sun on my skin. Both pool areas were always very clean and well tended to. There’s a lifeguard on duty which adds the benefit of feeling secure. Next to the larger pool was the restaurant and bar which was handy if you wanted to pop into the bar for an ice-cream or a bite to eat. (I’ll talk more about food in the next post!).

Everything was really close by but without being too cramped. It was nice that we could sunbathe at the larger pool and be able to see Daisy during mini club playing in the little pool. The sun loungers at the adults only pool were incredibly comfortable – they are an adjustable deck chair style and I could literally have stayed there all day. Next to the pool area is some grass and a little slide where the children can play. There’s also a shop and notice boards around the resort so you can see what activities are on and when – I’ll talk more about activities in my next post too. (There’s just SO much to talk about!)

The accommodation & location

The accommodation was lovely. The only thing that could have improved it would be having tea and coffee making facilities in the room. Our bathroom/shower was gorgeous – a lovely large space with a super modern shower and large mirrors. I hate going on holiday and not having a full length mirror – I like to be able to see what my outfit looks like or how I look in my bikini. So I was pleased when I saw a super large mirror (totally not vain, I promise!). I know that each apartment varies but ours was one single large room, with a large bathroom and space outside with chairs and a table. We loved sitting outside and relaxing in the afternoon after lunch. The sprinklers would come on during the late afternoon which kept Daisy amused! The wifi doesn’t work in the room which is a little bit of a pain if you need to work or check emails (like I did) but it’s not too much of an issue. There’s wi-fi in the bar and reception area anyways!

When we go away we like to check out local towns and restaurants so we felt a little worried about how secluded it was. The nearest town, Tortoli, was a 20 minute taxi ride away (costing about 65 euros) – we went one afternoon stupidly during siesta time so hardly anything was open. But it was lovely to have a little wander around and have coffee and ice-cream. There’s lots of quant little streets and street are to admire too. We actually didn’t struggle as much as we thought we might have in the end. There was so much to do within the resort that it didn’t matter how secluded it was! Overall we’ve had SUCH an amazing time being an ambassador for Mark Warner! Keep an eye out for post #2.

We were luckily enough to be sent on this holiday as Mark Warner brand ambassadors. All words and opinions are entirely my own. 


  • Rob says:

    Your photos look incredible and your daughter is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your trip! Perdepera resort is a gem and I would love to get there like ASAP!

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  • Kel says:

    Wow, what an absolutely stunning place! Glad you had a great time! x

  • Stacie says:

    It looks amazing! We are off on our first family holiday in August and I’m so excited xx

  • Sarah Christie says:

    Ah it looks so amazing , and so pretty with all the coloured buildings and flowers I am so excited for our trip now x

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