Paradise Wildlife Park, Hertfordshire

We’re always looking for new places to go during holidays. I feel like sometimes we get stuck doing the same thing, in the same places, at the same time. Prior to being invited, I’d heard of Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire but for some reason we’d  never visited before. The first thing that we immediately loved about it was how it was split into two sections. One side consisted of the Animal park and the other side had lots of little play areas and parks with a woodland walk. These are separated with a little zebra crossing. We started with the play area and that was probably Daisy’s favourite part. She loves a good park and in particular she loved the pirate ship. We couldn’t have chosen a better day to go – purely because it felt so Autumnal. Leaves had fallen of the trees and there was a slight chill in the wind. It was lovely and has made us all so excited for the coming months.

Along with little play park areas there are lots of other fun activities such as large building blocks, a sandpit, a mini race track, some diggers and so much more. After playing on the pirate ship and all the other little play areas we took a little wander through the woodland walk. It was a little muddy due to rain the day before, but it was still a nice walk. We had a look at the reindeer (which I personally loved as it got me a little excited for the C word – I daren’t say it yet!). There’s a train that goes through there too – Daisy had fun waving at everyone.

We then headed on to the Animal Park which was lovely! It was set out really well and we didn’t feel as though we had to walk miles to come across all the different animals. There’s a nice area to watch the penguins where you can see them from above or get down a level and watch them that way. We then headed to Tree Tops Cafe and had a drink whilst watching the tigers. It’s in the style of a cute little log cabin with floor to ceiling windows facing out onto the tigers. Daisy loved this and we sat for a while watching one tiger sleep whilst the other walked laps. It’s so interesting to get so close and really be able to examine them!

Paradise Wildlife park has a huge variety of animals and so much to do – from mini golf, an undercover play area, a bat house, tigers, wolves, zebras, a lagoon play area and so much more. On our way out we spotted the face painting which made Daisy’s day. It was probably the best face painting I’ve seen – so detailed and so clever! She decided to be a red tiger (as you can see below!). There’s also lots of shows and talks but we didn’t feel like Daisy would sit through any so we decided not to try them out. The big cat feed and reptile encounter sounded great and something we’ll try out next time we visit – because they’ll definitely be a next time! Now we know how great Paradise Wildlife Park is, we’re considering purchasing an annual membership. If you’re ever in the Hertfordshire area, it’s definitely worth a visit.

*We received complimentary tickets to Paradise Wildlife Park. All words and opinions are 100% honest. 

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    Lovely photos! It looks great here! x

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