Paleokastritsa, Greece (part one)

Paleokastritsa is a village in the North West of Corfu. I hadn’t ever heard of it before heading to Corfu and seeing it advertised along the beach front near our hotel resort, but we decided to  Google it and discovered it looked extremely pretty and rather inviting. So we hopped on a bus and found ourselves in this beautiful village with breathtaking views and equally breathtaking hills. Me and Andrew love a good walk when we’re on holiday, so the hills didn’t bother us. Paleokastritsa has long been considered one of the most beautiful villages in Corfu and is a renowned Greek beauty spot. There isn’t so much of a town, as everything is dotted around.

The bus dropped us off opposite one of three beautiful beaches. The water was crystal clear and so calm, it was lovely to sit by the shore, paddle our feet and see tiny little fishes swimming around us. It also wasn’t too cold and with such calm waves Daisy really enjoyed going further in and attempting to swim. We then headed off for some lunch in a cute little restaurant that overlooks the beach , they made homemade burgers and the food was just delicious. We went back there a little later for a drink as it was just so inviting.

We then spent €10 for an hour on a little paddle boat which was probably one of my personal highlights of our holiday! Andrew did all the hard work and peddled us around the rocks and what felt like quite far out to sea. The water was so calm – when we stopped peddling for a moment it was lovely to sit and quietly enjoy being rocked by such gentle waves. Andrew is a great swimmer and after a little encouragement from me (“don’t be a wuss and just jump in” – haha sorry Andrew)  he dived in a good few times. We got some fun footage of him diving in and then struggling to get back on the boat, which was pretty funny to watch. I’m such a great and supporting girlfriend 😉

I love being a photographer and I love taking so many photos. But one of the worst things about coming home from a holiday is sitting down and going through hundreds of photos and feeling the holiday blues hit hard. And oh my, have they hit hard. Corfu is stunning. And this little beautiful village was just breathtaking – my photos really do not give it enough justice. Blue skies, turquoise water, friendly locals, ice-cream, gorgeous views – what more could we want? If you’re taking a trip to Corfu, I highly recommend visiting Paleokastritsa.

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  • A Cornish Mum says:

    Oh this looks so beautiful! I am so wishing for a holiday somewhere warm right now, I hope the post holiday blues didn’t hit too hard!

    Stevie x #Picknmix

  • Silly Mummy (R is for a Hoppit) says:

    Never been to Corfu. Sounds lovely – glad you had a good time.

    Sorry for my lateness – having technological issues this week! Thanks so much for joining us on #FridayFrolics

  • Hannah Spannah says:

    Oh, how pretty and postcard worthy. Lovely photos of your lovely family. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

  • says:

    Wow this looks like a beautiful place. It’s made me want to go on holiday here. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix
    Eilidh x

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