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We found  packing for Prague really difficult. I think this was mostly due to the fact we only use hand luggage when traveling, we needed to fit in winter clothes – things that are warm and mostly quite bulky – into three hand luggage size cases. It wasn’t impossible and we did manage it, but it was definitely harder than anticipated. It was a little bit of a squeeze and rather frustrating each time we needed to dig something out of the cases, but it was manageable. I’m going to get myself a new carry on case as mine was completely impractical. We wanted to put together a little list of tips for winter holiday packing.

Don’t over pack

Likelihood is that because it’s cold, you’re mostly going to be wearing your coat. I made sure that we packed only basic clothing. It’s easy to think “Oh no, it’s going to be freezing, best pack hundreds of layers”. Definitely don’t do this because the likelihood is you are going to want to take off those layers when stepping into a warm shop or restaurant. Keep it simple. Nobody likes to step into a restaurant and have to strip 5 layers before you are even a slightly comfortable temperature, right?

Thermals, thermals, thermals

Make sure you have thermals! Wear them under your jeans and under your jumper/top. The good thing about thermals is that you don’t have to wrap up in hundreds of layers, instead you wear thermals under a simple outfit, still keeping you warm. This way (back to point one) you don’t have to pack many clothes, leaving more space for other items you may end up needing.

Airport clothes

Remember that you will be wearing one warm outfit on the flight out there, this is one outfit sorted. A good point to remember when traveling in winter is that you mostly know what the weather is going to be like. It’s going to be cold. Making it so much easier to actually pack what you need rather than what you want. Think about function over fashion – the likelihood is that you are going to have your coat on in most photos, so it doesn’t matter too much what you are wearing underneath! We tend to take a few jumpers each and a few pairs of trousers/jeans, including the outfit we wear on the day of our flight.

Mix and match

Take two hats, two scarves and two pairs of gloves. These don’t take up much room in your case, yet if you mix them up a little it makes a change to what you look like and looks less like you are wearing the same thing every day. (Not that there is a problem with that! Sometimes it has to be done). I found that for photo purposes, it was really handy to have some accessories to mix and match. I also find that it’s nice to bring an extra bag if you can fold it up small. Talking of accessories – remember to bring added items you may need such as: an umbrella, a water bottle, a rain mack etc. Obviously these are only optional and it’s recommended to check the weather out a week or so in advanced.

La coqueta

I wanted to write a little bit about this GORGEOUS coat we were gifted from La Coqueta. I fell in love with this coat after seeing it on their website. The pastel pink colours really suit Daisy and I know that this style would look beautiful on her. The reason I want to include this coat in this specific post is because it folds up so small. It arrived in a little bag which we kept so that we could easily pack it into our case. I find that most warm coats are also very bulky, this wasn’t the case for this particular coat. It wasn’t bulky, it was warm, and it fits nicely in our hand luggage cases. My favourite thing about the coat is the textured dusty pink cotton and double breasted buttons. This is the ARRIETA coat and it retails at £89.

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