Our travel highlights of 2018

2018. Where do I start? It’s been a lovely year full of highs. Each year takes us to new places and I will never be able to put into words how grateful I am for that. Travel is all I’ve ever wanted to do. and to be sat here, looking back on the places we’ve been this year – I could not be happier. I wanted to spend some time writing up our favourite highlights from our travels this during 2018. It’s hard to pinpoint just one single moment that makes it for me, so here are five!

1. Prague in the snow

In February we took our first city break of the year. It was just as the heavy snowfall in England had cleared – it was still very icy and so we couldn’t wait to get away and escape from it. We arrived in Prague and on our second day we woke up to a beautiful sheet of snow. We weren’t exactly pleased by it as we’d been sick of the disruption it caused back in the UK. But oh my goodness. It was stunning. It was cold. But it was incredibly beautiful. We wandered across Charles Bridge, took a stroll around the Lesser town and watched the Czechs simply get on with life as though no snow had fallen. (Something we don’t do in the UK!). We had lots of help from Visit Prague – they helped us in our planning process and made sure we had lots of fun things to do!

2. The times we had in Tallinn

In April we went to Tallinn, Estonia. To say just one moment about this city break would be impossible. I have always wanted to go to Estonia simply to wander around the beautiful medieval streets of Tallinn – it really didn’t disappoint. We worked with Visit Estonia on this occasion and had an amazing itinerary planned. We stayed in a beautiful apartment overlooking the old town and drove around with the official Visit Estonia car (we felt pretty cool – until we got a parking ticket haha!). If there’s one place to add to your bucket list for 2019, this is it. It’s not overly populated with tourists yet, but I feel in the next five years or so it’s going to develop massively into a european hotspot.

3. The Minack Theatre

If you’ve followed my blog for a while then you may be well aware that we attempt to fit in a trip to Cornwall at least once a year – with it being a 6 hour car journey away, it would be rude not to! We worked with Cornwall 365 to produce some photos, blog posts and video footage for them. They created our itinerary – and what an itinerary it was. The major highlight for me was visiting The Minack Theatre – a stunning open air theatre located on a cliff edge. It was in the middle of our British heatwave with not a cloud in the sky. We went to sit at the front and watched ‘ The lonely lighthouse keeper’ perform. It was fun, interactive and great to watch – but the views are what made it even more special. What a place to have a theatre!

4. Getting lost in Marrakech

Visiting Marrakech is not only a 2018 highlight for me, but it’s a life highlight too. We laughed, we cried, we got lost over and over again, we probably would never go back, but we had THE best time. If you’ve been to Marrakech old town then you can probably relate to what I’m writing and understand my seemingly over exaggerated statements. I told Andrew before stepping into the Souks that it was going to be crazy – he would nod along and not seem fazed at all. It wasn’t until we stepped OUT of The Souks and found ourselves a little silent and awe struck, that he knew what I had meant. It. was. mental. If you want to read more about The Souks then head on over to my blog post about it – I go into more detail over there!

5. Ending the year in Rome

We ended the year in Rome – and what an ending it was. This was our second time to Rome, after falling in love with it back in 2015. We vowed to go back and so we did – it’s the first place we’ve visited twice and it’s a city I can’t quite put into words. Amongst the crowded tourist-fuelled areas, find the quiet. Find the ice-cream. and find the pizza. Definitely find the pizza.

What a year it’s been. It’s surreal looking back at this time last year- I remember complaining to Andrew because we hadn’t officially booked any holidays and I couldn’t help but feel worried we wouldn’t go anywhere. I think we’ve discovered how unlikely that is. It’s something we’re probably going to continue doing until we’re old, frail and grey.

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