Oasiria Water Park, Marrakech

There’s nothing we love more than a water park – apart from an almost empty water park! When we turned up to Oasiria during our stay in Marrakech, we thought perhaps it was closed. But we soon realised that because it was Ramadan, it was incredibly quiet. For the most part of the day there must have been only a handful of tourists in each pool, if that. We loved Oasiria so much that we ended up going twice. Not only is it so close to the new and old part of Marrakech city, but a free shuttle bus runs there and back three times a day. You can pick the shuttle up from several stops along the way and the transfer takes only 10 minutes. Not bad at all! We recommend staying away from Taxis – they can be a little bit of a con, but we’ll go into that in a separate post.

I’ve never been a fan of the water, I go a little panicky and like to just plod along where my feet can firmly touch the floor. Put me in an ocean and unless I have a float, I’m going under! Daisy on the other hand is like a fish in the water. She jumps in, dives in, attempt to go under, swims unaided and just generally loves water! She’s a little bit hesitant about certain daily activities, like going off without me or bouncing on a trampoline. But she gains a new found confidence as soon as she spots a pool or the ocean.

Like most water parks, there’s so much to do. We loved the lazy river, the slides, the wave pool and the rapids (even if I did end up getting stuck for about 10 minutes! – Don’t ask how.). There’s a little pirate ship pool where the children can go down several slides and paddle in the shallow water. There’s also a pirate themed play area in the water with lots of smaller slides and bridges! There isn’t much to write about a water park, I find they are either good or not so good. I just wanted to share lots of the photos we took along with our general thoughts on Oasiria! It’s worth visiting if you’re ever in Marrakech – especially with children!

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