Num Noms event at Bella Italia

On Thursday we attended the Num Noms event at Bella Italia. The invitation sounded great and the event itself lived up to it’s expectation. It was at Bluewater so not too far from us. We turned up and the first thing Daisy wanted to do was have her face painted, or in this case, her arm painted. She had a little pink cat-like Num nom character painted on her forearm. She then wandered around the first half of the event with her arm half in the air, demanding we don’t touch it. Next it was time for pizza making. I really thought Daisy would enjoy this part, as she loves playing with food and creating arts and crafts. But she decided she didn’t particularly enjoy it and sat still for possibly three minutes. We sprinkled cheese on her pizza, to which she then started crying ‘I don’t like cheese’ and attempting to put it onto another little girl’s pizza.

We then had a little snack, she played around with the hundreds on Num Nom characters they had scattered around and enjoyed a nice glass of juice. They had a lovely little vintage ice-cream truck which the kids then got to pick their own ice-cream from. I love this photo of Daisy picking out her ice-cream, she looks so grown up and as though she’s thoroughly thinking about the right flavours to pick. (Chocolate and Strawberry, obviously). Daisy started to get a little tired so we decided to head off and attempt to find a car that we could push her round the shops in. She enjoyed this for all of five minutes, so we gave up and headed home! All in all, it was a fun morning. The photos I took throughout the morning aren’t that great due to really bad lighting.. (#PhotographerProblems 101).

Earlier during the year, Num Noms caused a frenzy with the introduction of the delicious, stackable and totally wacky collectables. They sold out across the globe, and now they are back with even more amazing flavours. Some of the new savoury flavours are Becca Bacon, Mozza Rella, a range of sushi snacks and yummy dinner foods. There are also even more tasty sweet flavours inspired by fairground foods, freeze pops, cupcakes and ice cream. ‘Nums’ are the outside squishy scented character that sit around the ‘Noms’. The ‘Noms’ are either fun scented stamps,a little motor to make the Num move, lovely lip glosses or a funky eraser. With over 5,000 mix and match combinations, children can have fun and be as creative as they like!

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  • Donna Wishart says:

    This looks like such a great event – I was sad that I couldn’t make it. Love the pink car too! x

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