Now is now… but there’s no rush

I sometimes think I’m a bit of a hippy at heart. (I’m not) Recently Andrew mentioned a quote to me and he was surprised I hadn’t heard it before. I’m probably going to sound a little silly when I mention what that quote is – but I genuinely had never heard it before. He said “Don’t put off today what you can do tomorrow”. It’s simple but it’s so true. I use an online calendar to schedule my working week and the amount of times I sneakily move something from Monday over to Wednesday and then repeat the same process when Wednesday comes around. “Plan France” has made it’s way all the way back from March forward to May. It’ll probably carry on moving until I can be bothered to do it. I’ll often find myself scrolling mindlessly through Instagram and finding strange articles on Facebook. A little procrastination never hurt, right?

The point to this post is if there’s something you want to do then do it. There’s no rush, but make one move each day towards your goal. I don’t want to be on my death bed and be absolutely heartbroken that I didn’t get to do all the things I wanted to do with my life. All these ‘dreams’ don’t have to be dreams if you just work a little harder and focus more. I currently am desperate to backpack with Andrew and Daisy from Bali to India. It may seem a little far-fetched but it’s something we’re working towards and so hopefully next summer or the summer after we can fulfil this little dream. I don’t like when dreams are lifelong. I like temporary dreams that, with a little determination, turn themselves into reality. I don’t want to dream of living in a big country house until the day I’m 75. If that’s my dream then I’ll work towards it  now. Because now is now.  Here are three ways to stay motivated and keep on track to obtaining those short term goals.

1. Organise clearly 

I use Asana as an online calendar tool and it’s amazing. It sits open in a tab whilst I work and you can assign different tasks to different days. You can also create separate calendars for different projects. I have a different calendar for each social media client. You can also sync your calendar with your laptop, phone and tablet which I find pretty handy. I’ll often lay in bed and think of something I need to add – then instead of getting the laptop out I can quickly add it in via my phone.

2. Take a break

I know I’m talking about working hard towards your goals but you definitely still need a break. I sometimes find that if I work too hard my brain will just turn to mush. I often take full days off – I put the laptop away, put the camera down and check my phone a lot less. It’s nice to separate work and life. I find that when your job is focused on being online, it’s a little harder to switch off. You can’t just leave the office and that be it. Social media and technology is everywhere! We like to go for nice long walks, pub lunches and have movie days.

3. Look at what matters

Take a step back and look at what matters. Look at why you are doing what you are doing. At the root of all my passion and enthusiasm is family. I want to travel so that my family can see more of the world and have amazing life experiences. It’s so easy to get caught up in comparison and competition – but that leads to self doubt and jealousy. Live and work for you, not for anyone else.

I love working and my main aim in life is to create a life in which work doesn’t feel like work. I’m super organised in some sense of the word but I’m also incredibly unorganised. As I mentioned above, I plan my work out each week with an online calendar. I then make sure I don’t go to sleep until it’s all checked off. (Even if that means moving things around a little if I’m extra tired haha). I’m currently trying to find that work-life balance because at the moment it’s a little more slanted towards work.


  • says:

    I have really been trying to implement these lately too especially taking a break as i tend to cram when I get time and it definitely doesn’t help, procrastination is my skill too though!!

  • Ali - We Made This Life says:

    Ah I really enjoyed this post! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to be more organised and at the same time making more time for me in the day. I’m sure lists are the way forward! I never seem to get everything done though!

  • Donna says:

    My work life balance is pretty shocking too – I’m hoping September will make it better! Love those photos of Daisy x

  • says:

    If you haven’t heard it already you’d love the latest episode of Hashtag Authentic (Sara Tasker’s podcast) which is all about planning your working week about how you work best. I’ve recently discovered Workflowy which lets me set goals in any shape or format I want and then I can line them up and move them around, and I’m finding it really helpful to be able to see what I’m working towards as the big intentions at the same time as the next steps.

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