A new lifestyle regime + Before and after photos

It wasn’t until I was walking along a few months ago and noticed my belly would wobble as I walked. It’s amusing how it takes a funny little moment like that to put thing into perspective. There was nothing wrong with my stomach wobbling like that. But I had known for a good few years now that my diet was awful. My lifestyle (health wise) was pretty crap and I would get out of breath just simply walking up the stairs at home. I had attempted several different diets and ended up giving in within a few days. I love burgers, I love chips and I love anything that’s unhealthy.

Coke was my downfall – I would have 2 – 3 cans of full fat coke a day. I used to weigh 6 stone 4. I put myself on the scales for the first time in years and it said 7 stone 13. That’s when I knew that not only did I want to make a lifestyle change to lose weight, but I wanted to make the change so that I could feel and be healthier. So I now weigh 7 stone 9 and I know it’s not a huge different but I’m loosing weight slowly and feeling so  much better in the process. So here’s how it goes.


Breakfast – The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is have some hot water with a slice of lemon. This kick starts my metabolism for the day. I then wait a few hours before breakfast. I generally stay away from carbs. I make a little fruit salad and have that with a yoghurt. I’ll have that at about 10am and then no snacks before lunch.  To mix it up a little I may have a bowl of yoghurt and throw in a few blueberries or raspberries. So similar thing but just changing it around a little each morning. Breakfast is hardest for me as I LOVE marmite on toast. I would also usually have a can of coke at about 11am (bad, I know!).  I still drink about 5 – 6 cups of tea a day but I make sure that at least two of these are green tea.

Lunch –  Lunch is always my main meal of the day. I tend to season and cook some chicken in the grill, and have that with some broccoli and sweetcorn. I don’t tend to eat much meat apart from chicken so my lunch is never really that varied and to be honesty it does get a little boring – if anyone has some good lunch recipes then please let me know! I also have falafels with salad and feta cheese a lot – love a bit of feta! I’ll then also have a smoothie to drink with my lunch.

Dinner – I always have dinner before 6pm. It usually consists of something very light – like a nice salad or a jacket potato. I tend to try and stay away from carbs as much as I can but sometimes it can’t be done (for me anyways!). Between 6pm and morning I don’t snack. This is literally the hardest part of the whole diet for me. I love watching rubbish on TV whilst eating chocolate and snacking. I tend to try and focus my mind on something else – watch a movie or have a nice drink instead.


Okay so this is definitely a new love of mine. I spend 20 minutes in the morning doing a HIIT workout and then do the same in the evening and I have to say – I find it so much fun! Something I never thought I’d say. I hate sports and I hate anything that’s relatively active haha – but I really do enjoy doing these exercises. In the beginning it was all about losing weight, but since starting I’ve realised I actually want to just tone up and work on replacing fat for muscle. My stomach fat is slowly disappearing and my legs are becoming more defined. (for me anyways!) I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to post these before and after photos but I thought meh – why the heck not. Since working on my body I’ve felt happier and more confident in my own skin.

Its really not a huge difference at all – but I’m pleased anyways!

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    You look great, well done!

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