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The 2nd August this year was National Doll Day! As part of Oh Lilla magazine Nicole and myself attended a party held by Zapf Creations at the museum of childhood. We took the little ones with us and it was a very fun day up in London! We arrived late.. fashionably late, right? Due to a lot of bicycles of some sort. We caught up with our group and got taken on a tour of the museum. Lucas (Nicole’s little boy) was wonderful, Daisy on the other hand decided that she didn’t want to co-operate much at all. Why do children always do that? The days you really pray that they are good, they are terrible! They both had a lovely time anyways, exploring the little bits and pieces to play with around the museum!

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It was incredibly interesting seeing all the old vintage toys. So many bought memories back to us of our own childhoods! We would of liked to of been able to look properly but with two little ones with a low attention span it wasn’t the most ideal of places to ponder around! The museum itself is pretty! I personally liked all the little quirky play areas that where dotted around. For example this cute little sandpit! I daren’t put Daisy in though as she’s not one for sand! Lucas and Daisy got on very well, Daisy taught Lucas to add ‘no, no, no’ to his head shaking whilst they shared popcorn across the table in Cafe Nero! It’s lovely to have turned a ‘virtual blogging friendship’ into a ‘real life’ friendship. The opportunities that blogging and Oh Lilla Magazine have bought me are amazing, I feel so lucky!

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Lucas and Daisy enjoyed playing with the sensory light area together, and as you can see from the photo above, us mean mummys decided that the large deck chair was a great photo opportunity! Who wouldn’t eh? They totally loved us for that! After the tour had finished we went down to a room to look at all the Zapf creation toys. They had a range of products from their three top brands – Mini chou chou, Baby born and Baby Annabelle. It was all very pink and very fun! Daisy enjoyed walking around with a mini push chair! There was cake, and lunch, and drinks, alongside lots of little activities like drawing and face painting!

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Somehow Daisy actually managed to sit still for a few minutes to have her face painted! She got a little butterfly drawn on her cheek. I’m really not sure how that happened – haha. She never sits still! After the kids had lunch and us parents had a sandwich and some cake, we was then told we could pick a toy of our choice to take home! So after browsing me and Daisy went with a baby born that comes with a potty, bottle, dummy and more. After getting it home – I’ve discovered that Daisy absolutely LOVES it, so thank you zapf creations for that! All I constantly hear now is ‘bababababababa’. It’s super cute.

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After the morning celebrating with Zapf Creations was over, we went out for a walk around the area to try find somewhere to eat. We didn’t have much luck and after getting on two different boiling hot busses we finally made our way to st pauls, found a cafe nero, made a lot of mess and then wandered around some shops before making our way back to Waterloo station. All in all it was a super fun day! If you want to see more photos and more information on the party then keep an eye out for the release of Oh Lilla issue 1, out September 1st!

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  • What fun! I used to love Zaph Creation dolls when I was little 🙂 x

  • dearlittlelucas says:

    <3 We love you guys!!!

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