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A couple of months ago I was sent this beautiful changing bag from Pacapod. I’ve been testing it out for a while and I am now completely sold. Before having Daisy I found it incredibly hard to find a bag that I thought looked nice yet was also convenient to hold all of Daisy’s necessities. For so long I actually would use a normal handbag and just shove all of mine and Daisy’s things inside. I’m pretty fussy when it comes to bags and so I was excited when this arrived on my door step because not only does it look lovely but it’s so incredibly practical too. This is the Richmond Charcoal Herringbone bag and it’s RRP is £85 which is a considerably reasonable price considering how good it is.


Staying true to it’s name, each bag comes with these two little ‘pods’ which are incredibly handy. Pacapod’s clever 3 in 1 baby organisation system comes with a feeder pod (cool bag) a changer pod, padded changing mat and insulated bottle cover. When I look back to the changing bags I had when Daisy was born, they happened to be so unorganised. I would shove everything in anywhere and would end up spending far too long faffing about trying to find what I needed. As you can see from the photos below, they sit nicely in the front of the bag. They also have a velcro attachment so they stay where they’re meant to be. I LOVE organisation so this is the perfect bag for me. In the lighter pod (The changing pod) there are little sections for each specific item –  I keep the nappies in the back pocket, wipes in the compartment at the front along with spare clothes, a bottle, a hair brush and any other little necessities I may need whilst out and about. In the black pod (cool bag) I keep Daisy’s lunch or snacks for throughout the day.

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Apart from the clever 3 in 1 baby organisation system, the bag is incredibly spacious and sturdy. A lot of other changing bags I’ve had feel like they may snap because of the weight they’re carrying. This bag feels sturdy enough that I keep my camera and lenses in there too. Great for when I don’t want to take a changing bag AND a handbag. It’s also easy to hold with an adjustable shoulder strap – perfect for when dad needs to use it too. I have to admit that my favourite feature of this bag is actually the way it looks. Mostly due to the fact that I’ve found it incredibly hard to find a bag that looks good to me and is affordable too. I love the charcoal and camel colour and the herringbone pattern.

It’s very durable and practical as it’s made in a coated cotton canvas fabric that is wipe clean – perfect for when mucky hands get hold of it. The carry handle and strap make it versatile and comfortable to carry over the shoulder, across the body, or it can be clipped onto a buggy to go hands-free.

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So for £85 I couldn’t recommend my Pacapod enough. It’s well suited to all my changing bag needs and I really wish I’d heard of them sooner as we don’t carry half as much stuff now as we used to when Daisy was a baby. (Oh, where has my baby gone!?). So if you’re looking for affordable and stylish then definitely head on over to Pacapod’s website to have a look at their wide variety of bags. They have several different ranges – this one being from the ‘yummy mummy’ range. This particular bag also comes in a more simpler, plain slate colour without the herringbone pattern. They also provide a number of different products such as these cute and handy toddler backpacks, changing mats, separate pods and more.

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*I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are completely honest and my own.

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