My mini jet setter with Sparks & Daughters clothing

I’m not going to lie – I’m a little jealous that Andrew got to model this twinning top and not me. But how adorable do they both look?! One thing we both have in common is this huge desire to travel and see the world. Getting to see the world with my two favourite people – what more could I ask for? There are so many reasons we travel often, but the sole purpose is to make memories together. I’m a huge believer in letting go off the clutter and focus on the less materialistic moments of life. The holidays – the day trips – the little things we do on a daily basis. We travel to stay grounded and inspired – whenever we set foot back on our home turf, we can’t help but feel like all our own problems are small. We come back and can almost see life in a different perspective. The world is huge and we are so incredibly small in comparison. Not only physically but specifically emotionally. It’s important to stay grounded – even when soaring miles above the ground itself.

We are incredibly excited to be working with Disneyland, and so in  February we’re off to Disneyland Paris – I have never been (Only to the Disney world Florida one) and can’t wait to share this experience with these two jet setters.  I couldn’t imagine traveling without Daisy or Andrew  and so when we were sent these gorgeous t-shirts from Sparks & Daughters I of course couldn’t wait to twin them together! I think Andrew was secretly really pleased to be wearing the same top as Daisy and I was definitely feeling a little left out (haha!).

As you can tell from the photos – we went to Rome. As much as I find the Colosseum incredible and awe inspiring, it was definitely one of those moments where it felt good to step away from the crowd a little more and head to a lesser-known view point. We sat on this wall for a little while and watched the world speed by (Literally. Rome is fast paced.) We then hopped off and made our way to get Pizza. That’s what it’s all about – the mini moments with my favourite jet setters.

*These tops were kindly gifted to us from Sparks & Daughters*  

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