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This is probably a post that my naturally beautiful and photogenic (I’m probably bias) daughter won’t appreciate looking back on when she’s older. I don’t always plan my little photoshoots with Daisy. Sometimes I’ll look at her and think ”Oh she looks adorable” and then out pops the camera. Occasionally I’ll take just three photos and be pleased with the outcome.. take note of the word occasionally. It doesn’t happen often. Usually I snap about 50 just to get one decent photo. Not because she doesn’t look cute, or the lighting isn’t great, but mostly because she’ll move so freakin’ much. She also talks. all. the. time. It’s so hard to get a photo where her mouth is just.. closed!

Sometimes bribery is the key, but most of the time the key is to just snap as many photos as possible because at least one of them has to be nice, right?  In almost all of these photos Daisy is just talking away at me, smiling and saying cheese or just eating her pizza. I’ve had one of those kind of days where it feels as though everyone and everything is against you. I’ve probably snapped at Daisy a bit more than usual and been a little unnecessarily grumpy. When I look at these funny little photos of her I feel guilty. How could I be mad at that crazy miniature version of myself? She’s hilarious and one single sentence from her is enough to lighten my mood.

A lot of the time I have to ask her to do a ‘normal smile’ because she’ll do the cheesiest face ever. It never works and so over time I’ve learnt just not to ask her to smile! Her favorite quote at the moment is “Mummy!!!!! My hair is really stressing me out”. So that’s why 99% of the time I have to keep her hair up and out of her face. She’s a little diva, as are most two year olds. I’m going to have a post out soon with a few tips and tricks on how to take photos of an energetic and active toddler. I never anticipated how hard it would be! So here are a few mug shots (even though I still think she looks adorable !) all in order for us to get just 1 – 2 ‘normal’ photos.

img_0284img_0239 img_0268img_0290


  • says:

    Oh I sympathise entirely with this, I have 1 child who never ever stops talking (and shes 5!) and the other never stops moving – its a tough combination but like you I snap away and hope that at least a couple are void of the cheese face! These are still gorgeous though x

  • says:

    So cute! My 2 year old is the same way! I don’t know what I’d do if we still used film cameras haha :p

  • Donna says:

    I love this post. We are in the middle of a ‘cheese face’ phase! LOVE the natural photos 🙂 x

  • says:

    She still looks ridiculously cute in all of these and I love them- how can they make such a different range of faces? Also loving the blog makeover too! I am struggling to photograph my girls at the moment too- they literally never stop moving! x

  • says:

    Oh but they are the best sort of photos – they’re the ones we’ll look back on and treasure because they capture the magic in the everyday of toddler life. I take hundreds of pictures of my three and I try not to use the ones that they’ll really hate but sometimes they do pull some fabulous faces!

  • says:

    I love it when the photos aren’t all cutesie and posed and your kids are just pulling the most horrendous faces at you. They make for some of the best and cutest photos though. Daisy and Lucas could both pull the ugliest faces ever and still be beautiful… biased? NAH!

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